Epic Systems Announces Vaccination Requirement for Staff

Aug. 3, 2021
Epic Systems will now require all U.S.-based employees to be vaccinated by Oct. 1 and will also require the use of masks

As the Delta variant of COVID-19 continues to make headlines, the Verona, Wisc.-based Epic Systems Corporation announced through a letter to all staff that they will require all U.S.-based employees be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by Oct. 1, according to an article from Madison, Wisconsin’s NBC15.

The article states: “As COVID-19 cases continue to rise across the country, the company stated guidance changed Friday by public health officials has led to the vaccine mandate. Epic stated to NBC15 Friday night that those who choose not to get vaccinated will not be able to stay employed there.”

Further, “Sr. Vice President of Technical Services Brett Rehm and Vice President of Implementation Tina Perkins report that nearly 97 percent of the Verona-based company’s staff have been fully vaccinated.”

To meet the Oct. 1 deadline, staff will want to receive their final dose before Sept. 17, as individuals are fully vaccinated two weeks after their last dose.

That said, “The company will host a Pfizer vaccine clinic on their campus, with first doses taking place on Aug. 17 and second doses on Sept. 8.”

In addition to the vaccination policy, “After PHMDC guidance to wear masks indoors came out this week, Epic will also require the use of masks when getting food at company food areas, such as coffee carts. They may take them off to eat or drink.”

Epic also announced that masks will be mandated in meeting rooms if the capacity of the room is at 75 percent or more. The mask mandate begins August 3.

A representative of Epic is quoted in NBC15’s article saying that “We need our staff to be fully vaccinated to continue our important work. We will work with each employee to discuss how they can safely get vaccinated, but we recognize some employees may choose not to get vaccinated and hence will not be able to continue in their role.”

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