Solutions Guide: KLAS Category Spotlight

May 28, 2015
With so many possible solutions out there, what’s a healthcare IT decision-maker to do? Luckily, we have KLAS Research as an option, which released its highly anticipated annual report Jan. 29,

2015, that reflects feedback from thousands of healthcare providers about the best-performing healthcare IT vendors for more than 100 market segments. Besides its nearly 40 Best In KLAS winners, KLAS awarded more than 60 companies with the designation of KLAS Category Leader for being top in their respective market niches. HMT highlights some of its editor’s picks from the KLAS list here, along with descriptions and some details on what makes each solution a standout. Learn more at

Category: Clinical Decision Support, Order Sets

Wolters Kluwer ProVation Order Sets
Description: ProVation Order Sets improves patient outcomes and quality of care by providing evidence-based order set templates co-developed with the editors of UpToDate. ProVation Order Sets contains more than 11,000 unbreakable links to UpToDate, the resource of choice for more than 850,000 users worldwide.

What makes it a standout:
Among the numerous benefits of ProVation Order Sets are its ability to drive improved patient outcomes and quality of care by providing evidence-based order set templates. Customers also highlight fast return on investment through lower costs of care and an intelligent clinical content management system, as well as exceptional implementation, clinical informatics and technical support services.

Category: Clinical Decision Support, Care Plans

Zynx Health ZynxCare

Description: ZynxCare provides actionable evidence-based plans of care that enable the interdisciplinary team to coordinate patient and family-focused care strategically across the continuum. ZynxCare features Zynx Health’s gold-standard content, including Vital Interventions – evidence-based content that is easily integrated within the EHR, customizable, and actionable at the point of care – as well as a consultative approach to implementation and ongoing optimization/maintenance of evidence-based content.

What makes it a standout:This solution is applauded for providing highly regarded content that is easily consumed and updated within the EHR. Zynx also stands apart from other vendors for its proven impact on client outcomes improvement initiatives. Zynx Vital Interventions pinpoints the key clinical processes that have the greatest impact on mortality, readmissions, hospital-acquired conditions, LOS, and cost.

Category: Long-Term Care


Description: PointClickCare’s cloud-based software platform connects healthcare providers across the senior care continuum with easy-to-use, regulatory-compliant solutions for improved resident outcomes, enhanced financial performance, and staff optimization. This is the second consecutive year this solution has received the Category Leader ranking

What makes it a standout: PointClickCare helps more than 10,000 senior living and skilled nursing communities to achieve results that matter – enriching the lives of their residents for better outcomes, improving financial and operational health, and mitigating risk. This unique person-centered approach to managing senior care ensures providers and their partners collaborate securely using the most up-to-date information across care settings.

Category: Revenue Cycle, Claims Management

SSI Group Billing (ClickON/AllNet/NetBilling)

Description: SSI Billing is a medical claims management solution that facilitates the electronic editing, validation, and transmission of institutional and professional claims. SSI provides edits at the HIPAA, payer and provider levels. The technology allows providers to edit claims using Software as a Service (SaaS) or by an application service provider (ASP). Claims are routed through SSI’s nationally recognized clearinghouse to 800+ direct payer connections.
What makes it a standout: This marks the third consecutive year that SSI’s Billing solution has excelled in the “Revenue Cycle – Claims Management” market segment. SSI is the first organization to be certified as a CAQH/CORE vendor and clearinghouse. CLAREDI, EHNAC and SAS70 have also certified SSI’s Data Center.

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