TransUnion expands healthcare solutions with agreement to acquire Rubixis

Oct. 11, 2018

TransUnion announced an agreement to acquire Rubixis, a healthcare revenue cycle solutions company that helps providers maximize reimbursement from insurance payers. Rubixis brings specialized knowledge in the management of denials and underpayments, two significant pain points for healthcare providers.

The healthcare industry continues to struggle with claims denial write-offs, which have climbed consistently over the past decade. Denial write-off adjustments average 3 to 4% of net revenue, which equates to $262 billion in initially denied claims for healthcare providers annually.

Rubixis helps healthcare providers prevent these losses with the goal of collecting the correct amount due from payers as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost. By offering a software platform that leverages analytics, workflow tools, and/or complementary accounts receivable outsourcing services, Rubixis helps healthcare providers collect reimbursement effectively and efficiently.

TransUnion Healthcare’s Revenue Protection solutions help hospitals prevent revenue leakage by engaging patients early, ensuring that their earned revenue gets paid, and optimizing their collection strategies.

TransUnion has the full release