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Jan. 3, 2012
The major players in the “Total HIS” market segment, who automate most major departments in hospitals with administrative, clinical and financial systems in 2009.

Here are the major players in the “Total HIS” market segment, who automate most major departments in hospitals with administrative, clinical and financial systems. Of the entire Top 100 list, only 12 earn this recognition, and we list them separately since they generate $9B of the roughly $22B in total HIT revenue reported last year:

McKesson - whose acquisitions of Awarix and Rosebud Solutions in 2008 continued their M&A growth mode, catapulting them to nearly $3B! Their product line alone could create a mini-“Top” list, including Horizon, Paragon, HealthQuest, Series, Practice Partners, etc.

Cerner - whose continued growth in sales of Millennium netted annual revenues of $1.68B, earning them a solid second place ahead of:

Siemens - whose $1.4B HIT revenue is being estimated based on their complex parent organization, which is doing almost $80B Euros total. Siemens products include Soarian, Invision, Eagle and MedSeries IV.

GE - whose “Centricity” product line includes IDX' “CareCast” and MedicaLogic's “Logician;” we estimate their revenue at around $1B.

Epic - whose amazing success has led them from $27M when they first reported to HCI back in 1996, to $600M last year: an epic achievement!

Eclipsys - again sustained solid growth to $515M through strong sales of their wide array of products sold under the “Sunrise” moniker.

Meditech - whose $397M would be even larger if it included hardware, they and Epic being the only Total HIS vendors who do not.

Keane - whose acquisition by Caritor in 2007 led to the repackaging of their diverse products into a single “Optimum” line in 2008: $187M.

Total H.I.S. Vendors



1. McKesson Technology Solutions


2. Cerner Corporation


3. Siemens Medical Solutions (H.I.S. Pros Estimated revenue)


4. GE (H.I.S. Pros Estimated revenue)


5. Epic


6. Eclipsys


7. Medical Information Technology, Inc.


8. Keane, Inc.


9. QuadraMed


10. CPSI


11. HMS


12. Healthland, formerly Dairyland Healthcare Solutions


QuadraMed - whose estimated $150M includes sales of “QuadraMed Computerized Patient Record” (QCPR), acquired from Misys in 2007.

CPSI - a giant in the small (under 100 bed) hospital market, with almost 700 clients and $120M in revenue of their aptly named “CPSI System.”

HMS - from Nashville (not the HMS in New York providing Managed Care software), another large player in the small hospital market at $67M.

Healthland - formerly Dairyland, with new owners Francisco Partners from San Francisco bringing a solid financial backing behind their $48M.

There are many small “Total HIS” vendors who did not report their revenue, such as IntraNexus, Opus, American Health Net, Sphere, I.H.S., Spectron, etc. We estimate their revenues at below $10M each and wish them luck in growing to earn a spot on a future HCI Top 100 list. - V.C., B.A.

Healthcare Informatics 2009 June;26(6):16

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