Research and Innovation Overview

Nov. 20, 2009

How can fresh approaches and innovative technologies improve health and healthcare?

At Intel, the answers to that question start with efforts to deeply understand people’s needs, values, and practices. Our ethnographic researchers have observed and interacted with more than 1000 households and 150 hospitals & clinics in 20 countries.

Benchmark with top performers and prioritize quality improvement efforts with ClinicalAdvisor™, the leading clinical efficiency and quality performance benchmarking application in the healthcare industry.

SafetySurveillor™ – Infection Control provides infection prevention professionals with an effective Web-based tool for managing an organization’s infection control surveillance, prevention and reporting efforts.

The mobile clinical assistant (MCA) is a fresh design developed after extensive research to identify clinician needs that are not met by general-purpose laptop computers.

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Telehealth: Moving Forward Into the Future

Register now to explore two insightful sessions that delve into the transformative potential of telehealth and virtual care management solutions.