Samarinda Aged Services uses AeroScout RFID to improve resident safety

Dec. 18, 2009

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., December 16, 2009 – AeroScout, the leading provider of Unified Asset Visibility for the healthcare industry, today announced that Samarinda Aged Services in Ashburton, Australia, has implemented AeroScout’s Resident Safety and Asset Tracking and Management solutions at its Samarinda Lodge. AeroScout’s Wi-Fi RTLS (real time location system) enables aged care residents to use call buttons to request assistance when needed, and staff to quickly locate residents anywhere on the property. Samarinda also uses the AeroScout solutions to track and manage equipment that is used to deliver care. As a result of the implementation, Samarinda Lodge has:

  • Improved resident satisfaction and safety;
  • Reduced the frequency of resident falls;
  • Improved operational efficiency;
  • Expedited staff response times and provided better documentation of response time; and
  • Increased staff retention rates to 25% above the industry average.

Located in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, Samarinda Aged Services is a community-based, not-for-profit organization that provides a range of services for the aged. Samarinda Lodge is its award-winning aged care facility which is one of Australia’s top assisted living homes and the winner of several prestigious honors, including Australia’s Minister of Aging 2009 Award for Excellence in Aged Care for Innovation in Technology, the Aged Care Facility of the Year by the Aged Care Association of Australia, and the Information Technology in Aged Care Implementation of the Year award. Samarinda Lodge’s mission is to enhance the quality of life of the aged by providing excellent care and respecting each person’s dignity and individuality.

With limited resources throughout the aged care industry, solutions are needed to streamline operations and allow staff more time to focus on resident care. This is important for resident safety and satisfaction, as well as for staff satisfaction, which improves when caregivers have the tools they need to do their job well. Samarinda is a leader in applying advanced technologies to improve care, satisfaction and efficiency.

Tanya Gilchrist, CEO of Samarinda Lodge, recognized the opportunity to leverage Samarinda’s existing Cisco Unified Wireless Network to add RTLS to automate processes. Samarinda Lodge uses AeroScout’s Resident Safety and AeroScout’s Asset Tracking and Management solutions, both of which consist of AeroScout MobileView software and Wi-Fi RFID Tags. For asset tracking, Samarinda Lodge attached Wi-Fi Tags to shower trolleys, lifting equipment and wheelchairs. AeroScout’s MobileView allows staff to quickly search for and locate equipment when needed, leading to improved response times and staff productivity.

In addition, each resident is given an AeroScout Wi-Fi Tag with a call button. If residents need assistance, they press the call button to notify staff automatically. Nurses respond directly via a portable voice device, ensuring residents know that help is on the way. Residents can also have a tag with them at all times and feel comfortable that they can reach a nurse from anywhere on the property, including while walking outside.

“We’re extremely proud of the freedom and sense of security the AeroScout solutions have given our residents. With a Wi-Fi network that reaches around the block, residents are free to walk outdoors and still request help if necessary,” stated Ms. Gilchrist. “In turn, we’ve seen this technology positively affect our staff on a day-to-day basis. Nurses can quickly monitor each patient’s activity and communicate with them seamlessly. Fostering such a positive work environment has allowed us to attain a staff retention rate significantly higher than the industry average.”

Using AeroScout, Samarinda empowers staff to deliver more care hours. The result has been a higher satisfaction level among employees since they are accomplishing their goals and keeping residents safe and comforted. In addition, responding faster to resident needs and requests leads to fewer falls – if residents are confident that they will be helped in a timely manner, they are less likely to attempt to get up from bed or their chair when they shouldn’t.

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