2010 February Features

Jan. 13, 2010

Cover Story

Filmless and paperless
Medical center overcomes technical, political and organizational hurdles to deploy one of the nation’s first integrated PACS.

Claims & Coding

Computer-assisted coding
CAC does not eliminate the need for medical-coding professionals to be involved in the coding process.

Claims & Coding

Revenue cycle streamlined
Hospitals face myriad challenges collecting payment for services.

Recovery Audit Contractor

Technology can cure RAC audit concerns
Many providers have found that content management lends itself to automating transactions.

Clinical Information Systems

Center automates storage
Automated medication-dispensing cabinets in operating rooms help meet requirements.

Clinical Information Systems

Group goes paperless
Shift to EHR system has taken place in stages.


Center balances needs
New cabling infrastructure supports both bandwidth and flexibility.

Computer Physician Order Entry

Standardize order sets
Healthcare system replaces time-consuming review process with content-management system.

Decision Support

Health plan installs platform
The continued use of manual processes raised a real concern for program changes and tracking.


The pain of change
By Ken Anderberg, Publisher/Editorial Director

Thought Leaders

Reduce spending with care management
by Elizabeth Hart

Pioneers in Healthcare IT

Nursing’s role in computerization
by Fotine D. O’Connor

Behind the Scenes

Cut telephony costs with appliances, SaaS
by Sidney VanNess