Omnicell Selected by FirstHealth of the Carolinas for Medication & Supply Management

Jan. 21, 2010

Omnicell, Inc., (Nasdaq: OMCL) a leading provider of system solutions to acute healthcare facilities, today announced that FirstHealth of the Carolinas has selected Omnicell OmniRx® automated medication dispensing cabinets (ADCs) and OptiFlex™ supply systems to streamline the management of medications and healthcare supplies throughout its facilities. FirstHealth will deploy Omnicell solutions to its three-hospital network which includes Richmond Memorial, Montgomery Memorial and Moore Regional. 

“Our partnership with Omnicell provides us with advanced solutions that easily integrate into our medications and supplies infrastructure,” said Wesley Cowell, administrative director of pharmacy for FirstHealth of the Carolinas. “Our core purpose is to care for people, and patient safety is our first priority.  Omnicell solutions have an excellent record of minimal maintenance, ease-of-use and improved efficiency resulting in increased quality of medical care.”

Omnicell allows FirstHealth clinicians to manage medications and medical supplies simply and accurately, making the process of administering medications safer and more efficient. In turn, providers can spend more time with patients to ensure high-quality care. Omnicell’s cabinets have expanded capacity to allow FirstHealth to store significantly more medication in the same footprint as its legacy system, ensuring that medications a patient may need are always available.

“We applaud FirstHealth’s initiative to replace existing technology to equip their clinicians with the best tools for patient care,” said J. Christopher Drew, senior vice president, field operations for Omnicell. “Omnicell is well known for building strong customer relationships, and we are committed to providing FirstHealth all the support they need for a seamless integration.”

FirstHealth chose Omnicell for their highly-intuitive solutions for medication and supply management technology, including OptiFlex. OptiFlex will allow FirstHealth to integrate physician preference cards with managing surgical supplies, increase inventory management and automate charge capture to cumulatively improve productivity, efficiency and hospital revenue. Other Omnicell product benefits include guiding lights which illuminate the correct drawer for a specific medicine, addressing a common cause for medication dispensing errors. FirstHealth noted that Omnicell has a reputation for customer responsiveness which helps hospitals remain current with ever-changing regulatory compliance for nursing and pharmacy staff as well as implementation of the most current innovations for patient safety.