St. Joseph’s Hospital Selects Full Suite of Workflow Technology

Feb. 3, 2010

Reading, Mass., February 2, 2010 —St. Joseph’s Hospital, a 325-bed acute care hospital in Parkersburg, West Virginia, has selected the complete eWebHIM(TM) suite of medical records workflow technology from eWebHealth, the leading provider of electronic workflow solutions for medical records, as its complete electronic legal health record (e-LHR) solution. 

St. Joseph’s will use the eWebHIM technology suite to digitize all paper components of its legal health record (LHR). The built-in workflows embedded in this e-LHR technology will automatically transmit patient charts to physicians for reviewing and completion and to the health information management (HIM) department for analysis and coding. In addition, this fully-secure, Web-based system will allow for simultaneous access to medical records for all authorized departmental users including Case Management, Quality Control, Utilization Review, Core Measures and Business Office.  This will eliminate the bottleneck of waiting for charts and improve overall HIM efficiency. With the eWebHIM suite, St. Joseph’s expects to meet its goals of improving physician satisfaction, modernizing processes and improving record accessibility throughout its organization.

“We are enthused to partner with eWebHealth in applying an IT solution for our electronic legal health record,” shared Jack Julius, CEO of St. Joseph’s Hospital.  “The team at eWebHealth has applied a comprehensive review of our needs and identified an implementation schedule to make our health records more convenient and functional for our physicians.” 

As an affiliated hospital on the HCA platform, St. Joseph’s requires e-LHR technology that is able to interface with the hospital’s HCA MEDITECH clinical information system. Interoperability is a key tenet of the eWebHIM suite and will ensure the technology will work with St. Joseph’s existing health IT solution and enable the hospital to continue to advance its health IT capabilities in the future without changing its e-LHR strategy. 

“Like St. Joseph’s, many hospitals on the HCA platform face the challenge of finding an e-LHR solution that will interface with its existing HCA MEDITECH clinical system,” said George Abatjoglou, Chief Executive Officer, eWebHealth. “With this in mind, we wanted to make sure that interoperability was a key feature of our eWebHIM suite.  Given the captive nature of the HCA IT relationship, St. Joseph’s will provide us with a repeatable model that can be replicated by all facilities on the HCA platform.  This will allow members of the HCA IT community the opportunity to realize the physician satisfaction, revenue cycle and efficiency benefits achieved through investing in our technology suite.”

“Utilizing eWebHIM’s secure, remote access functionality, physicians and staff will have the flexibility to work remotely and access critical patient information where they need it and whenever it is needed,” said Jill Morrison, Director of Health Information Management at St. Joseph’s.  “We will be modernizing our processes by eliminating paper-oriented bottlenecks and dramatically improving record accessibility.”

St. Joseph’s Hospital will be using the full eWebHealth suite — a fully-hosted .NET platform that supports interoperability with a wide range of hospital IT systems, making it easier for hospitals to integrate cutting-edge e-LHR technology with their clinical electronic health record  strategies.  The eWebHIM suite is a comprehensive medical records workflow solution for healthcare organizations delivered via a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, for real-time, remote record access; rapid implementation; and low cost of deployment and includes:

•           eWebCoding: Provides the tools to eliminate coding backlogs and decreases DNFB days with fast, accurate and fully compliant coding;

•           eWebView: Gives clinicians, business offices, HIM staff and auditors anytime, anywhere access to patient records via the Internet to improve clinical and administrative decision making and efficiency; 

•           eWebCompletion: Makes it easy for physicians to comply with medical record requirements by supporting electronic deficiency analysis, assignment, routing, monitoring and reporting;

•           eWebSignature: Allows clinicians to edit and sign off on patient charts wherever and whenever they have Internet access for faster chart completion.

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