Sisters of St. Francis Deploys Standardized Evidence-Based Order Sets

Feb. 4, 2010

Zynx Health, the market leader in providing evidence-based and experience-based clinical decision support solutions, today announced the deployment of ZynxOrder at Sisters of St. Francis Health Services (SSFHS). SSFHS successfully consolidated and standardized 42 evidence-based order sets in PDF format for use at its 13 hospitals and healthcare centers. The interactive PDF order sets along with Zynx evidence-based best practice recommendations will prepare physicians and clinicians at SSFHS for when they achieve full use of computerized provider order entry (CPOE). CPOE along with Zynx Health solutions will enable them to comply with “meaningful use” of EHR as established in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).

SSFHS chose to work with Zynx Health in March 2007. Prior to that time, hospital executives at SSFHS saw many variations of order sets created by individual physicians, and realized the need for standardization across the network to improve efficiency and patient care. In addition, the process to gain consensus and clinician buy-in of order sets was laborious and needed to be revised. Leveraging ZynxOrder’s online collaboration environment, SSFHS is able to draft order sets electronically and have just one place where clinicians can review, post comments and reach consensus. Once consensus is reached, the standardized order sets are implemented across the entire network. This process will significantly improve efficiency, healthcare quality and patient safety across their entire network of hospitals.

Along with its online collaboration tool, Zynx Health was chosen for their large selection of order sets and their time-tested methodology for selecting and summarizing clinical evidence, best practice guidelines and quality measures. SSFHS will participate at the annual user conference held by Zynx Health which allows them to interact and share best practices with other healthcare teams.

“Using Zynx as the impartial source of evidence-based recommended practice has allowed us to create standardized, evidence-based order sets that are used throughout our diverse SSFHS hospitals,” said Evidence-Based Program Coordinator at SSFHS Carol Becker. “Physicians and other clinicians from our hospitals participate in the review sessions and develop order sets that not only follow best practices but also incorporate regional and hospital needs.”

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