PBFOnline changes name to MedcomSoft

Feb. 4, 2010

 On the one-year anniversary of PBFOnline acquiring MedcomSoft software from the former MedcomSoft Inc., based out of Toronto Canada, PBFOnline has decided to merge under the single name of MedcomSoft®. The re-born company holds international patents on its cornerstone product, an interoperable electronic medical record of the same company name, MedcomSoft® Record™ UE. The product is currently deployed in hundreds of physician practices and networks across the United States and Canada.

Mr. Long, MedcomSoft’s CEO states the reason for the name change was simple, “We wanted to better align ourselves with the market we represent.” This alignment includes MedcomSoft® Record™ EMR software along with practice management consulting and medical billing services.  In addition, through partnership with viLogics, a sister company, additional services include healthcare data center and virtual infrastructure design, planning, deployment, and optimization. The current data virtualization technology is used within MedcomSoft’s hosted electronic medical record product that ensures 100% real-time business continuity to the client.