Capsule Partners with Stryker

Feb. 27, 2010

Andover, Mass., February 26, 2010— Capsule (, the leading provider of medical device connectivity, announced it has entered into a partnership with Stryker’s Medical division to connect patient data from Stryker smart beds directly into hospital Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Using Capsule’s Enterprise Device Connectivity Solution, featuring the Capsule Neuron™ platform and DataCaptor™ software, important  data from Stryker smart beds such as patient weight, bed exit status, iBed® Awareness status, side rail positions, brake status, bed height, head of bed angle, supine and vascular positions, as well as workflow protocol information is automatically integrated into the hospital’s EMR.  This integration improves accuracy and saves nurses and clinicians the time-consuming task of manually transcribing all of that information into patient records.

Stryker’s exclusive iBed Awareness smart bed monitor helps enhance patient safety and increase efficiency by providing more informed care at the bedside while reducing time spent on routine bed checks.  iBed Awareness lets caregivers  select a specific bed configuration  for a particular patient.  It then notifies the caregiver when the bed configuration changes via visual or optional audible alerts, and through nurse call.  These alarms, as well as data from Protocol Reminders™, an exclusive feature on the InTouch® Critical Care bed, are designed to help organize and promote compliance with proven best practices.  This information will now be fed automatically into the EMR for a more complete, accurate, and up-to-date picture of the patient’s health and care during his or her hospital stay.

“Capsule was the ideal connectivity partner for us because of its unique ability to get data from all types of medical devices into any EMR,” said Rich Mayoras, Senior Group Marketing Manager for Stryker.  “Stryker’s iBed platform provides valuable, real-time bed- and patient-centric data that clinicians need to provide the best care possible; now with Capsule that data can go directly into the patient’s EMR.  This combined solution will save clinicians and nurses countless hours of logging and transcribing that valuable patient data at the end of each shift.  The result is more time with patients, more accurate, timely data in the system, and better patient care.  It’s a win for everyone.”

“This new partnership with Stryker represents a major milestone for Capsule, as it is our first time connecting a bed as a medical device to an EMR,” said Mark Morwood, VP of Product Management at Capsule. “Stryker, like Capsule, understands the importance of getting timely and accurate patient data automatically recorded and integrated into a patient’s electronic medical system, both for improved clinician efficiency and better patient care.  We are excited that Capsule has been selected as a connectivity solution of choice for Stryker’s iBed platform, which is in use in hospitals across the country.”

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