Keane Enters Partnership With EmpowerSystems

March 7, 2010

Boston – March 1, 2010 – Keane Inc., a U.S.-based IT services and healthcare information technology firm that helps clients realize the greatest value from their IT, today announced a partnership with EmpowerSystems® against the backdrop of the HIMSS Conference, to offer a comprehensive clinical solution for a hospital’s emergency department.   Keane will offer this new module as an integrated component of its new Optimum™ solution, designed to automate the emergency department to ensure efficiency and improve the quality patient care.   

Nationally, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, emergency departments see over 119 million patient visits a year, with each stay lasting an average of 2.6 hours. Considering sheer volume and the even faster pace within the emergency department, it is vital to effectively track and monitor patients from triage through discharge to ensure care is administered expediently and effectively.  The Keane and Empower partnership provides hospitals with an integrated solution that captures all pertinent patient data including all physician orders and documentation providing a more comprehensive electronic health record (EHR).

“The partnership with Empower enables Keane to provide superior clinical functionality for a highly specialized emergency department,” said Walt Kaczor, senior vice president of Keane’s Healthcare Services Division, “Empower has been recognized by KLAS as a top tier solution, and nicely compliments Keane’s reputation of delivering the tools necessary to improve clinical decision-making, enhance patient care and satisfaction, and advance financial performance.”

The bundled solution streamlines the emergency department process, offering hospitals a system to help solve problems created by increased patient volumes and clinician shortages.  Keane Optimum™ improves the capture of patient information by automating data collection at each point of service to ensure the consistency and accuracy necessary to improve care and meet regulatory requirements. By leveraging the strength of Keane’s industry-leading Patcom™, a comprehensive patient management system, with its iMed™ product, a Web-enabled suite of clinical applications, the Keane Optimum™ solution offers a full suite of integrated financial, clinical, and EHR applications to simplify the management of the healthcare IT environment.

EmpowerED, developed by and for physicians, extends the benefits of Keane Optimum™ to the emergency department. EmpowerED’s proprietary smart technology scans all charts for missing documentation related to risk management, coding, and government compliance, with a user-friendly interface for clinicians that requires attention only when further documentation is required. EmpowerED can be customized to fit the preferred medical language of clinicians and the policies and procedures of the hospital. 

“This synergistic partnership offers compelling benefits to our clients, both present and future: Empower delivers a highly specialized, targeted product developed with the highest standards of care in mind, and Keane adds to that a layer of unsurpassed customer attention and reach across the entire hospital system,” said Dr. Seth Guterman, EmpowerSystems’ president and co-founder. “EmpowerED is an industry-leading EDIS, and we are confident that coupled with Keane Optimum™’s functionality, our core competency will result in a higher standard for IT Healthcare and Hospitals.

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