Trinity Health Deploys HIE Solution to Nearly 1,000 Physicians

March 10, 2010

March 9, 2010– Medicity, Inc. announced today that top-ranked health system Trinity Health, comprised of 44 hospitals and numerous healthcare facilities in eight states, went live with the first stage of its Novo Grid deployment – establishing electronic health information exchange (HIE) with 297 affiliated physician practices and 991 physicians in three months.
Trinity Health’s HIE rollout to affiliated physicians began by connecting three Michigan hospitals – St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor, St. Joseph Mercy Livingston, and St. Joseph Mercy Saline – with 297 physician practices previously dependent on faxes for receipt of transcribed reports. The patented Grid technology distributes patient information directly to computers at the physician practice. Medicity’s increasingly streamlined deployment technology and processes facilitated this rollout on a mass scale.

“We expect the Grid will enhance workflow efficiencies, satisfaction and care improvement for our affiliated physician practices,” said Grace Miller, Director of Physician Office Services at Trinity Health.

Trinity Health’s implementation of the Novo Grid will improve patient care coordination by offering community physicians secure, real-time electronic access to the health system’s clinical data. The Grid deploys intelligent software agents that enable physician offices to receive patient information directly into an electronic health record (EHR) or, for paper-based practices, into an electronic “dropbox” accessible via a standard web browser.

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