Internet Marketing Strategy Gives Wells Chiropractic Top Placement on Internet Search Engines

March 17, 2010

CHARLOTTE, NC – March 9, 2010 – Charlotte area chiropractor, Dr. Paul Wells, identified Internet marketing as a way to get a bigger bang for his marketing dollars compared to the results he was getting from traditional advertising vehicles he used to market Wells Chiropractic. He chose another Charlotte-based company, Zeno Blue eMarketing, to guide him in his Internet strategies. Zeno Blue has helped Wells put Internet marketing campaigns in place that he can track directly to the increase he has seen in new customers for his practice.

Internet marketing’s growing popularity is quickly stealing attention and budget from traditional marketing vehicles. Dr. Wells opened his Charlotte practice in 2005. He used print ads in newspapers and Yellow Pages just as many of his fellow business owners had done for years. Today, using Internet marketing strategies, he spends less money and gets trackable, revenue producing results.

Prior to bringing Internet marketing into his growth strategy, Wells could not identify a single new client that had found him through his website. He struggled with justifying the cost of the website through the amount of business it had actually generated.

“’How could we make our site work for us?’ was the question I kept asking myself,” recalls Dr. Wells. “There had to be a way that we could make our investment in our website pay off.”

Dr. Wells asked Zeno Blue eMarketing how they could make his website effective.

“We meticulously research markets, competitors and result trends so we can set expectations and then successfully follow up with results that customers can see – such as customers walking in their doors,” comments David Brooks the founder and president of Zeno Blue. “Internet Marketing can be a very effective tool for businesses to gain exposure to potential new clients.”

The use of Internet Marketing is surpassing many traditional advertising and marketing vehicles by putting techniques to work to successfully win high placement in Internet search results for websites. Zeno Blue monitors and tracks Internet Marketing activity and provides Dr. Wells with statistics that prove the campaign’s success. Because the monthly numbers can be replicated, Dr. Wells can use Internet Marketing to directly and consistently impact his revenue. He can also use his statistics to prove a very strong return on investment.

“We have worked with Zeno Blue for two years. The initial campaign launch took a few months to incubate, but after a brief time, our site quickly moved up in Google’s search engine results. We set a challenging goal and Zeno Blue accomplished the goal quicker than we projected. The longer we work together, the better the results get. Wells Chiropractic is now consistently the first Chiropractic practice listed for the campaigns we have completed,” accounts Wells.

Zeno Blue tracks all of its activities and provides statistical performance metrics to customers. This gives them the ability to calculate their return on investment and justify the cost of their Internet Marketing expenditures.

“We had our biggest growth month in November. We went from zero to 25-30% in the number of patients that found our practice using Internet search engines. That is huge!” adds Wells.

Dr. Paul Wells, a chiropractor for thirteen years, practices in the Charlotte region from his University City area location. A native Charlottean, Dr. Wells has been licensed in both Carolinas, Alabama, Tennessee, New Zealand and South Australia. After practicing in New Zealand for a few years, he is happy to be back in his hometown building a successful and popular practice with the help of Zeno Blue eMarketing.