ClaimTrust Announces Its New RAC Resource Center

March 22, 2010

Murfreesboro, TN, March, 22, 2010 — ClaimTrust®, a leading provider of revenue cycle tools and services for hospitals, today announced its new Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) Resource Center, which will provide hospitals with useful resources, information and tips that will help them prepare staff and infrastructure for RAC record requests, demand letters and appeals. One of the highlights of ClaimTrust’s RAC Resource Center is its new, three-part podcast series, “Top Tips for RAC Success” by RAC expert Karen Bowden, president of consulting at ClaimTrust and a 30 year veteran in the areas of hospital administration and revenue cycle. 

“In our work with scores of hospitals during the RAC demo phase, we found that there is a real hunger in the marketplace for more in-depth information about RAC. People are desperately looking for advice on what to expect from RAC, and how to survive it,” said Ms. Bowden. “My team and I learned invaluable lessons that address these questions and fears, and I am happy that we can now share our deep knowledge and successful RAC tips and strategies with more hospitals through the content now available at our RAC Resource Center.”

The three podcasts cover ClaimTrust’s key, highly valuable but sometimes overlooked, tips for helping healthcare organizations successfully take on the challenges associated with RAC in the most efficient manner possible. The first podcast, “Rules and Risks,” covers the must-know regulations and common issues encountered during RAC audits and appeals; the second titled, “Appeal Strategies” will focus on outlining four successful RAC defense tactics during the appeal process; and the concluding “RAC Tool Selection” podcast will provide listeners with a list of the top ten “must haves” in a RAC software solution.

During the RAC demo phase, Ms. Bowden and her team were able to recover $6.8 million for ClaimTrust clients and achieved an overall 84 percent success rate in winning RAC appeals. Expert knowledge and deep understanding of RAC gives Ms. Bowden and ClaimTrust the leading edge in implementing successful strategies to ensure best practices throughout the appeals process. Leveraging its comprehensive RAC expertise, ClaimTrust launched InSight RAC™, a fully hosted, web-based solution with precise data tracking tools designed specifically for navigating the multiple levels of RAC inquiries and appeals to give hospitals the best chance for appealing RAC denials.

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