Rothman Healthcare Research Partners to Build on Platform

March 29, 2010

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Following the momentum of launching an industry-defining open architecture platform, Eclipsys Corporation (NASDAQ: ECLP) today announced a partnership with Rothman Healthcare Research (Rothman) to build its Patient Condition Tracker software solution on the Helios by Eclipsys™ platform. The resulting native integration will give the Eclipsys hospital client base the option to utilize Rothman’s third-party patient condition monitoring tool in an integrated environment with the Eclipsys Sunrise Enterprise™ suite of solutions—without the additional time and expense typically required to interface disparate software applications.

“Eclipsys and Rothman share a long-standing relationship to improve patient care, and we both agree that the most effective way to achieve technology adoption in healthcare is through vendor neutrality,” said Daniel Rothman, executive vice president of Rothman Healthcare Research. “Rothman Healthcare Research was formed to turn a negative into a positive, developing our Patient Condition Tracker tool after a family member died from undetected complications following a medical procedure. The release of Helios by Eclipsys™ gives small dynamic companies like ours the enhanced ability to drive innovation in health information technology. There are many good ideas in the market, but hospitals are typically risk adverse for unknown applications from smaller vendors. The ability to have an open platform from an enterprise vendor like Eclipsys can accelerate the pace of innovation and adoption of newer, better ideas and offerings.”

Since 2004, Rothman Healthcare Research has been developing the Patient Condition Tracker to bridge the gaps in continuity of care. Rothman’s software application uses electronic health record (EHR) data to highlight subtle declines in patient health and immediately alert physicians in snapshot form. Patient records are coded in colors for nurses to more easily understand patient conditions. The software application is fed data from the hospital’s existing EHR system to generate and display a health score, based on vital signs, nursing assessments and lab results, in a user-friendly graphical format. The software also offers medical personnel the ability to see multiple patient graphs simultaneously for a high-level understanding of a whole unit.

“Rothman’s Patient Condition Tracker is an innovative solution that was specifically designed to help send more patients home safely,” said Philip M. Pead, president and chief executive officer of Eclipsys. “Yet in the risk-adverse healthcare industry, many hospitals have been reluctant to adopt a new technology from a smaller vendor, even though it could lead to better patient outcomes and workflow efficiencies. Rothman’s business story is a prime example of why we have opened up our platform to enable clients and companies to natively write applications. It delivers choice and great benefits to our clients who want to use the Rothman solution. It will eliminate the need for interfaces, lower the total cost of technology ownership and give their clinicians an additional monitoring tool to support patient safety.”

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