Philips to provide PACS to NYC Acedemic Medical Center

June 10, 2010

Philips has signed a multi-year agreement to provide the Philips iSite PACS system to the NYU Langone Medical Center’s radiology department.

Today, developments in CT, MR, and nuclear medicine technology are creating more and more images that need to be stored and organized.  This growth in imaging volumes requires a new level of expertise and sophistication to use and interpret imaging exams.

NYU Langone Medical Center is the first academic medical center in New York City to use the iSite PACS together with vendor-neutral archive technology from Acuo Technologies. This technology provides the Department of Radiology with the capability to manage the wide variety of digital diagnostic images and data that exists within a highly complex architecture.  The iSite PACS system enables doctors and clinicians to view images within the medical center or from remote office locations. Images will be retained within the iSite PACS cache for up to three years and long-term storage will be managed by Acuo Technologies.