Coolest Products of 2010

Jan. 8, 2011

2010 saw the release of hundreds of healthcare IT-based products. For this, our end-of-the-year issue, HMT put together a sampling of some of the most-talked-about solutions and gadgets. Enjoy!

Create an all-wireless enterprise

Integrated directly with the Service Assurance Platform, a new suite of management, security and diagnostic tools from Meru is designed to give IT organizations the ability to predictively and proactively manage and optimize the end-to-end performance of the entire WLAN infrastructure, anticipating and resolving performance, interference and security issues. As a result, IT organizations will have the ability to offer users reliable and seamless mobility, despite increasing applications and devices. Meru's Virtual Cell technology pools radio resources into a singular layer of coverage. All Meru Access Points (APs) use the same radio channels and appear as one, letting client devices move freely throughout a network without disruptive handoffs. Meru Networks

Cordless 2D imager

Motorola's DS6878-HC cordless 2D imager extends access of critical information to the patient's bedside, the nurse's station, operating room and beyond. The imager provides real-time access to information and allows healthcare personnel to scan documents, such as drivers' licenses and insurance cards, for identification, as well as facial images, to create and maintain EMRs. IP43 sealing and specially designed plastic housing allow for safe wipe-downs and sanitizing without harming the housing or components. The omnidirectional scanner can capture 1D or 2D bar codes, as well as signatures, documents, still photographs and video. Bluetooth functionality provides rapid capture of information in emergency situations, and the unit can be charged over the USB cable connected to its base. Motorola

Everything but karaoke

SpeechMike III features noise reduction technology that makes it well suited for use in busy environments and for authors or transcriptionists who desire crystal-clear sound quality. This version of the device also has a slimmer design than its predecessor reflecting state-of-the-art ergonomics, a symmetrical layout for ease of use for both right- and left-handed users and an antimicrobial surface for safe and sanitary handling. The new button layout with bigger dictation function buttons enables push-to-dictate operation with minimal thumb movements, and a clickable trackball makes mouse functioning easier. SpeechMike III is available in two versions: push buttons or slide switch to control dictation functions. All designs are also available with a barcode scanner, so information can be read directly from patient or client files and assigned with precision to the relevant file. Philips Speech Processing

Patient-flow solution

Allocade's On-Cue software creates patient itineraries that can help caregivers manage patient-flow logistics and operational efficiencies. The solution captures metrics and minimizes the impact of disruptions by reallocating resources for the changing conditions of major hospital departments. The software system leverages the information already available in HIS, RIS and EMRs. On-Cue allows staff members to receive updated patient status, patient wait times, exam completion times and progression through each area or department. Allocade

Verify 7 million records per hour

The Melissa Data Contact Verification Server is ideal for hospitals and other medical facilities that need to meet HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other privacy and compliance guidelines by enriching, scrubbing and validating patient contact data completely in-house, safely and securely. The unit is built by Dell and incorporates six WebSmart components for contact data verification and enrichment, including address, phone and email verification, name parsing, geocoding and change-of-address processing. The server can verify more than 7 million records per hour and additional servers can be clustered for increased scalability, throughput and redundancy. Melissa Data

E-prescribing for iPhone, iPod Touch

Prematics' Care Communication for iPhone and iPod Touch allows physicians to e-prescribe, access clinical information from health plans and pharmacies, and manage their personal and clinical work flow. The solution retrieves and prioritizes vital patient data from health plans, pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers, selectively sending the physician the most relevant clinical and up-to-date benefit information. Messages are populated from a variety of sources and can include data about medication non-adherence, inappropriate therapy, needed or unaddressed lab tests, missing medication for a specific condition and overdue wellness exams, to name a few. Prematics

Plug-and-play speakers improve
laptop sound

While not technically a healthcare IT item, anyone who has ever struggled with the inferior sound of laptop speakers will appreciate the Edifier Sound To Go, a portable speaker system connected to a notebook through a USB port, providing superior sound quality. The 10.5-by-1.5-inch brushed aluminum unit features magnetically shielded precision drivers, efficient bass-reflex design, two 3-inch woofers and two 1-inch tweeters, built-in amplifier and volume control. Fits in any laptop case; felt bag makes it easy to transport. Edifier International

Self-service patient check-in

Phreesia automates the patient check-in process. Patients use the wireless, touch-screen, swipe-enabled PhreesiaPad to provide demographic, insurance and clinical information, as well as pay copayments and balances. In addition to automating data entry for the front-office staff, electronic patient signatures are secured on all required HIPAA forms and real-time eligibility and benefits checks are conducted. Phreesia integrates into existing practice management and EHR systems. Better yet, Phreesia never forgets to ask for payment. All hardware, software, installation, support and training is included in the system, which also features access to Phreesia's online Practice Portal for designated employees and as many PhreesiaPads, routers and chargers as needed. Phreesia

T-Sheets go digital

With DigitalShare powered by Shareable Ink, clinicians document patient encounters on familiar paper T-Sheets but data is captured using a special digital pen. This technology provides clinical and process feedback and reports comparable to an electronic health record (EHR). Users can instantly share, view or edit information through a secure, Web-based portal. Automatic alerts for incomplete documentation prompt clinicians to address deficiencies, which improves compliance. Real-time alerts, dashboards and reporting tools help clinicians and administrators make decisions to improve efficiency and quality. DigitalShare will facilitate compliance with Stage 1 requirements for reimbursement for meaningful use of an EHR. T-System

Testing process automated

METTLER TOLEDO's LiQC version 2.0 is a multiparameter system for simultaneous determination of density, refractive index, pH/conductivity and color. LiQC combines single measurements into one fully automated process. A sample is filled into a vial, placed onto an automatic sample changer, and assigned a bar code label. LiQC automatically completes every subsequent step: choosing the appropriate method, pumping the sample into the various flow-through cells and performing all measurements. The results are statistically evaluated, compared to specifications and transferred to LIMS systems. LiQC cleans and dries the measuring cells simultaneously before moving on to the next sample. METTLER TOLEDO

Mobile video conferencing

Polycom's Practitioner Cart solution provides mobile high-definition videoconferencing capabilities on a cart that can be moved around to support multiple functions within the healthcare organization. It can support wireless communication, on-board PC applications and, with its built-in battery, can be moved wherever the patient is located or anywhere within the emergency department. The remote clinician can place a video call to the mobile cart, view the patient for assessment and be seen by the patient on the mobile cart's monitor to provide a virtual bedside consultation. Polycom

CPOE solution

PatientKeeper CPOE allows practices to meet meaningful-use criteria for CPOE without having to install a new HIT system. With the solution, physicians can personalize order sets and incorporate evidence-based orders. As the system collects data on ordering practices, hospitals can incorporate and modify evidence-based order sets, as needed. PatientKeeper CPOE exists as a layer on top of a hospital's current IT infrastructure and routes orders to existing departmental systems for processing and fulfillment, allowing a hospital to leverage existing hospital IT investments. Physicians have the option of using a smartphone or other mobile device to enter orders, reducing verbal orders and eliminating the compliance issues associated with them. The solution supports both paper and electronic-based processes. PatientKeeper

Tabletop radiography and PACS

The Carestream DIRECTVIEW Vita CR System is a compact, lightweight computed radiography (CR) device that provides rapid image access to increase the speed and accuracy of patient diagnosis. The system is ideal for independent imaging centers, clinics, multi-physician offices and chiropractic and veterinary facilities. The system can be bundled with optional Image Suite software for a complete mini-PACS solution that includes digital image capture, viewing, printing, storage and management. Image Suite allows users to interface with other digital imaging modalities. This software can be hosted on a broad range of PC-based workstations with either standard or high-resolution monitors. Carestream Health

Patient kiosk

Merge Healthcare's Merge Patient Kiosk connects to an avatar-based live agent that guides patients through the check-in process. The touch-screen kiosk collects co-payments and outstanding balances with multiple payment options; scans documents, including insurance cards and drivers' licenses, into Fusion RIS technology; and lets patients choose a check-in method. Integration with Fusion RIS allows real-time updating of patient status; kiosk will create alerts that flag information to be validated or updated. Procedure-specific questionnaires can be printed and finished at the patient's leisure. Merge Healthcare

Point-of-care cart

AFC Industries' PC 910 Point-of-Care Cart features an extended battery cycle and a small footprint, and can be thoroughly disinfected for use. The PC 910 is height adjustable, with electronic or pneumatic height adjustment enabling sitting-to-standing work positions. Using an all-in-one computer, the cart can be continuously deployed for up to 30 hours before recharging. Alternatively, a separate CPU and monitor can be mounted. An internal automatic transfer switch allows connected equipment to run while the battery module is recharging, and an advanced charger accelerates recharging and increases safety. An LED readout keeps users apprised of power status. Fleet management software allows the IT department to monitor, program and manage up to 250 carts throughout a facility. AFC Industries

Web-based image solution

InSite One's InDex Web-Continuity is a remote image-access solution that assures access to imaging exams during PACS downtime due to human error or natural catastrophes. This feature enables business continuance, providing access to vital diagnostic exams, both internally and for referring physicians. InSite One's centralized offsite InDex Enterprise Archive and family of related storage services provide a platform for sharing of patient information throughout multiple departments and entire healthcare communities. Through strict adherence to shared DICOM, HL7 and IHE standards, InDex services offer retrieval of clinical information across multiple healthcare IT applications. InSite One

EMR system

The InterSystems CACHÉ-based Oxbow EMR system from Oxbow is designed to enable optimal primary-care practice management. The solution delivers real-time decision support, automatic documentation of notes and screenings, drug-interaction and allergy alerts, electronic prescriptions and information tied to patient age, gender and medical history. System focus is on clinical care delivery, and it allows physicians to enter myriad information, including all notes and codes needed to submit the bill, any future follow-ups, required labs and prescriptions sent to the pharmacy. Oxbow

Multimodal PACS

Siemens Healthcare's syngo.plaza PACS solution automatically identifies type based on the scanner used and then calls up the corresponding 2D, 3D or 4D application. The solution also offers two viewing modes: a preconfigured intuitive interface, and a customizable option that allows users to define and use the layouts they prefer. The SmartSelect tool provides access to the most-frequently used functions directly from the diagnostic screen. Clinicians can access the software from their facility or remotely. Scalable storage allows syngo.plaza to adjust its shape to users' requirements, offering multiple solutions ranging from dedicated to shared storage, from single to multiple archives, and from a single workplace to an enterprise PACS. Siemens Healthcare

An Apple a day for doctors

A new iPhone application allows doctors to contact colleagues, change their call schedules and protect caller ID on patient calls. PerfectServe Clinician is available at no charge to doctors whose hospitals or private practices use the latest version of PerfectServe, a leading physician-based, work-flow-driven solution for clinical communications. The application gives doctors another way (in addition to voice and Web interfaces) to access PerfectServe's network platform to: contact colleagues directly without needing phone lists, directories or call schedules; change on-call schedules; change how they want to be reached and call routing; view a history of calls, voice and text messages; and more. PerfectServe

Image-archiving solution

Symantec's Health Safe is a hosted medical image-archiving and sharing solution providing secure, Web-based image sharing for non-affiliated hospitals and physicians. Health Safe provides capacity on demand, business continuity and integration with existing PACS. One clinician can invite another clinician to view images without having to implement interfaces. The solution provides the ability for non-affiliated clinicians to search, view and download images with a Web interface. Symantec

Improved imaging reports

A new technology from Sage Health Management Solutions aims to improve the quality of imaging study reports. The solution uses natural language processing commonly found on the Internet, similar to Google search or spam filtering, to automatically classify the contents of radiology report text for improved communication and outcomes reporting. This automated analysis enhances the ability of the company's RadWise decision-support tool to refine its recommendations and to evaluate the clinical usefulness of imaging procedures. For radiology reports, this technology aims to improve timely communication between physicians and assist organizations with compliance for Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals. Sage Health Management Solutions

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