CliniComp completes EMR installations at all department of defense inpatient treatment facilities

June 9, 2011

San Diego – June 8, 2011 – CliniComp, Intl., a global provider of clinical documentation systems serving over 110 hospitals in seven countries spanning three continents, announced today that it has completed all installations of CliniComp Essentris EMR at 59 military inpatient treatment facilities worldwide, with 36 facilities in just under two years. Fifty-nine inpatient facilities and their 24,000 physicians will use CliniComp, Intl.’s inpatient clinical documentation system to administer world-class healthcare to the Military Health System’s (MHS) 9.6 million beneficiaries.

The roll out of the CliniComp Essentris system covers more than 5,500 beds. It ensures the continuity of care for military personnel and their families by giving authorized clinicians access to their inpatient record worldwide. The 24/7 access enhances providers’ clinical decision-making, especially those who treat wounded, ill or injured Service members who are airlifted from battlefields in Afghanistan and Iraq to military treatment facilities in Europe and then transported to Department of Defense (DoD) hospitals in the United States.

“As our nation’s leaders work to achieve an integrated electronic health record between the DoD and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), we are extremely proud that two of the most complex health systems turned to our interoperable EMR to transform care delivery and reduce paper dependence,” said CliniComp, Intl. chairman of the board and CEO, Chris Haudenschild.  “We accomplished our goal of completing implementation on time and on budget. We are honored to be part of this significant inpatient clinical documentation system deployment that encourages innovation and facilitates information exchange between the DoD and the VA, which is unprecedented in terms of size, scope, scale and complexity. CliniComp, Intl. is committed to providing an EMR that delivers zero downtime and satisfies the needs of both providers and patients.”

The CliniComp Essentris system allows the DoD inpatient discharge summary to be accessed by 147 medical centers run by the VA via the Bidirectional Health Information Exchange (BHIE), a secure, two-way snapshot of the patient’s electronic health information in real time.

CliniComp, Intl.’s long-term relationship with the DoD began in 1987 with the first EMR installation at the NavalMedicalCenter in San Diego, California. According to Kelley Malott, vice president of CliniComp, Intl.’s Federal Systems, “With Essentris now fully deployed at 59 sites, CliniComp, Intl. will continue to innovate and deliver world-class health IT software to our service members and their families. We owe it to them to provide the best solutions possible, now and in the future.”

“Our understanding and success, within one of the most complex health IT environments in the world, makes us uniquely qualified to help hospitals in the private sector integrate their EHR infrastructure to optimize care coordination and the patient experience. The 100 percent DoD installation milestone is only the beginning for CliniComp, Intl. We look forward to leading the industry as the trusted EMR interoperability partner of military and civilian providers for many years to come.”

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