Survey: Deleted e-mail retrieval hampers IT productivity

Jan. 2, 2012

Research results released in November 2011 show that many companies are failing to maximize the efficiency with which they extract useful business intelligence from archived e-mail. While a majority of businesses value this information – including for analysis of communication trends and response times to customer queries, storage capacity monitoring and data leakage protection – many are using only the most basic tools to archive their e-mail.

The independent blind survey of 200 IT decision makers in U.S. organizations was conducted by Opinion Matters on behalf of GFI Software. It reveals how organizations retain and reuse e-mail data, what solutions they have in place for doing this, what value they place on e-mail data and how frequently the IT department is called upon to assist in the recovery of e-mail from archives to support employees.

Key highlights from the survey include:

•    Sixty-nine percent of respondents indicate that employee requests for assistance retrieving deleted e-mails limit IT staff productivity.
•    On average, respondents say they receive more than 15 requests per week from users who need access to old or archived e-mail, while one in four (26 percent) of those surveyed field 18 requests or more per week.
•    Forty-five percent of those surveyed have no IT solution for managing and automating e-mail archive retention and retrieval.
•    Nineteen percent say the information contained within their archived e-mail is “priceless” to the organization, while three-quarters (75 percent) value their organization’s archived e-mail data at more than $100,000.
•    Twenty-four percent of respondents do not believe they are storing their e-mail in the most cost-effective way, and one-quarter (25 percent) do not know if their current process is cost effective.

“This research shows how e-mail retention forms part of the overall business intelligence strategy and how, with the right tools, an existing asset like e-mail data can deliver long-term value to organizations of all sizes,” says Brian Azzopardi, MailArchiver product manager at GFI Software.

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