March Products

March 1, 2012
Scan and document data on the go

The Motion CL900 SlateMate is a patent-pending and industry-first productivity tool that extends the functionality of the CL900 Tablet PC. Securely integrated into the tablet PC’s internal frame, the first CL900 SlateMate module includes a magnetic stripe reader (MSR) and barcode scanner (BCS) for mobile data acquisition and transaction processing. SlateMate was designed to enable the future delivery of new integrated configurations that meet the needs of users across vertical markets.  

Motion Computing

Medical-grade video frame grabber

Medical imaging equipment such as x-rays, ultrasounds, endoscopes, intraoral cameras, surgical microscopes and most video imaging devices require high-speed data transfer to ensure accuracy. New Karbon-CXP frame grabbers are an ideal solution, delivering camera link-type data at GigE-type distances. This solution is one of the first frame grabbers available with the CoaXpress (CXP) standard and is capable of moving medical imaging data at 6.25 Gb/s and triggers at 20 Mb/s – all over a single piece of 75-ohm coaxial cable in lengths up to 135 meters.  


Next-gen wireless DRX detector

The wireless, cassette-size CARESTREAM DRX Detector is lighter, faster and offers new enterprise security features than its first-generation iteration. This 7.9-pound solution displays a preview image in less than four seconds to enhance radiology workflow. An optional three-second exposure mode improves medical imaging of larger patients and enhances image quality for healthcare providers with lower-power x-ray generators. Use of a hospital’s RADIUS (remote authentication dial-in user service) server to certify and authenticate the DRX detector with the console makes for secure data transfer.  

Carestream Health

Medical imaging viewer for the iPad

DoctorWorks Version 1.2 is an iPad application developed specifically for the viewing of medical images. With this solution, radiologists can share images, reports, integrated EMRs, CCRs, critical results and ER discordance cross-enterprise by connecting to BRIT’s Roentgen Works PACS server. The app also provides simultaneous viewing of two studies and the addition of a timeline of studies on both the study information screen and the viewing screen. DoctorWorks can be purchased from the iTunes App Store for $49.99.  

BRIT Systems

Next-gen EHR for small practices

VitalHealth EHR for Practices targets physician practices with fewer than 10 practitioners. This next-generation EHR was designed to be extremely easy to use in the highly varied work styles of small practices, including significant levels of customization and flexibility. Based on extensive research and with intellectual property licensed from Mayo Clinic, VitalHealth EHR is one of the first EHRs designed specifically for use with an Apple iPad as well as other tablet formats, laptops and desktops.

VitalHealth Software

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