ZirMed and Catch Data Systems partner to provide integration services for GE Centricity customers

Aug. 21, 2013

Louisville, KY – August 21, 2013 – ZirMed, a leading health information connectivity and management solutions company, today announced a partnership with Catch Data Systems, a technology consulting firm offering professional services to the healthcare industry, to provide GE Centricity customers with seamless integration into ZirMed’s revenue cycle management, clinical communications and analytics solutions. The partnership is part of ZirMed’s strategic initiative to provide robust integration services for its clients.

“We work with a lot of different network and clearinghouse providers, and ZirMed stood out as the company that is rapidly setting itself apart with advanced capabilities that the GE Centricity community is looking for,” said Jeffrey Lemos, Sr. Sales Engineer, Catch Data Systems. “We are excited to partner with ZirMed because of our shared commitment to client service and investing in technology, which allows us to provide advanced solutions for healthcare organizations as they navigate challenges like healthcare reform, ICD-10 and ACO.”

This partnership will enable GE Centricity customers to leverage the full range of functionality available through ZirMed’s advanced network and platform, including PatientNotebook, a portal that enables secure messaging between providers and patients, manages statements, supports online credit/debit card payments, and keeps information up-to-date. GE Centricity users will also be able to leverage the ZirMed ZPay Collect virtual terminal, a solution that allows for fast and easy in-office collections, with support for all forms of payment, as well as Clinical Link, a HIPAA-compliant communications platform that enables providers using any EHR or practice management system to share referrals and clinical information electronically. Additionally, GE Centricity users will be able to conduct the full range of eligibility, claims, remits, print and online billing solutions offered by ZirMed.

“As an API-based company, we are always looking to make it easier for our clients to have integrated access to our solutions,” said George Gides, Principal Integration Architect ZirMed. “Our goal moving forward is to continue to deliver integration services via strategic partnerships in order to deliver our solutions to providers, payers and patients nationwide in a way that fits into their workflows.”

ZirMed’s solutions will now be completely embedded into GE Centricity, granting Centricity customers, which namely include large medical practices with 100+ physicians, academic medical centers, integrated delivery networks and billing companies, seamless access to ZirMed’s solution. Catch Data Systems will integrate ZirMed’s robust technology with existing systems in a customized environment, allowing for quick and easy access to enhanced capabilities.

“There is a large community of GE Centricity users, comprised of both small practices and large health systems, that have built their workflows and processes around the capabilities of this platform. By seamlessly integrating our solutions with the GE Centricity system, users will continue to benefit from the GE Centricity workflows, and get the benefit of having easy, one-stop access to our analytics, revenue cycle management and clinical communications solutions,” said Tom Butts, CEO, ZirMed. “There is a huge opportunity to offer these users modern, flexible network services, and Catch Data Systems is a trusted partner for us because of their extensive platform-specific integration experience.”

ZirMed leverages its national database of healthcare payment information to cure administrative burdens and increase financial performance. ZirMed’s solutions aggregate and leverage data from across its national network of payers, providers and patients to facilitate, manage, and analyze clinical and financial communications among providers, payers, and patients and drive patient engagement. ZirMed solutions include clinical connectivity solutions, comprehensive analytics, eligibility verification, online payment, credit/debit card processing, claims management, coding compliancy and reimbursement management, electronic remittance advice, patient statements, patient estimation, patient e-commerce solutions and lockbox services.

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