SCC Soft Computer celebrates National Health IT Week

Sept. 17, 2013

(Clearwater, FL) September 16 — SCC Soft Computer (SCC) announces its participation in National Health Information Technology (NHIT) Week, taking place across the country Sept. 16–20, 2013.  NHIT Week marks the important role health information technology plays in improving healthcare delivery in America. As a corporate partner of the 8th annual event, SCC proudly supports the value of health IT and the role it plays towards the quality of healthcare delivery, increasing patient safety, and decreasing medical errors.

As one of the leading and most widely recognized providers of laboratory and genetics information management systems for the Healthcare IT industry, SCC offers full suites of Web-enabled clinical information management system solutions that address the informatics needs of today’s medical enterprise. Dedicated to the advancement of health IT and meeting the highest standards in quality, SCC is at the forefront of laboratory, genetics, blood services, and outreach information systems software development and offers full suites of Web-enabled laboratory and genetics information management system solutions. Since 1979, SCC Soft Computer has designed, developed, and delivered powerful integrated clinical information management solutions to hospitals, large IDNs (integrated delivery networks), and laboratories. SCC’s flagship SoftLab LIS fully accommodates EMR integration via HL7 or Web Services to meet Meaningful Use initiatives, a key topic for this year’s NHIT Week.

Health IT like SoftID, SCC’s electronic positive patient and specimen identification solution, helps eliminate identification errors, enhance patient safety, reduce bottlenecks, and improve turnaround time.  This allows phlebotomists to feel more confident knowing that they’re collecting specimens for the correct test and the correct patient, and patients feel safer with the assurance that their specimens will be handled properly.  SoftID enables users to obtain real-time patient orders and avoid unnecessary specimen collection – resulting in fewer needle sticks for patients.

SCC’s healthcare information management system solutions can improve all areas of the laboratory with a full range of product suites for laboratory (SoftLab, SoftMic, SoftPath), blood services (SoftBank, SoftDonor), outreach (SoftWebplus, SoftA/R, SoftCompliance, SoftExpressplus), and genetics (SoftCytogenetics, SoftMolecular, SoftFlowCytometry, SoftHLA, SoftBiochemistry, SoftPathDx).

About National Health Information Technology Week
The Eighth Annual National Health IT Week is a collaborative forum where public and private healthcare constituents will work in partnership to educate industry and policy stakeholders on the value of health IT to the U.S. healthcare system. Held September 16-20, 2013, NHIT Week is an opportunity for the health IT community to come together under one umbrella to raise awareness of the cost savings and improved healthcare delivery benefits of health IT. For more information, visit

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