New Products

Oct. 21, 2013
Expand your security capabilities 

The Panasonic ASR500 is a scalable Windows server-based platform that offers multi-channel recording capacity and powerful security management features. With options for up to 128 IP channels, the ASR500 enables a complete video recording and management solution when coupled with Panasonic ASM200 or ASM970 client applications. Features include multi-camera time-synchronized playback, event- and time-based search, and multiple video export and archiving functions. A mobile control client will also be available for Android and iOS phones and tablets. Panasonic

Streamline your accounts payable 

AP Advantage simplifies the disbursement and reconciliation process, giving practice managers a quick and accurate read on cash flow. AP Advantage works with all payment types (Virtual Visa Debit Card, ACH and check). This cloud-based solution requires minimal integration with existing software, which allows customers to be up and running within 60 days. Customers should expect to save $2 to $4 per check, while also earning cash rebates on purchases processed via the Virtual Visa debit cards. The Payments Company

Network testing made affordable 

The NaviTEK II series of cable and network verification testers makes troubleshooting LAN physical and network layers more efficient and faster – and now the series has gotten more affordable with units starting at $612. This is the only tester at its price level to feature a 3.5-inch color LCD; on-screen keyboard; port status testing up to 1 Gb/s; and IPv6, PoE+, VLANs and Trace Route testing. Users can view and print test results with any Web browser. IDEAL INDUSTRIES

Keep it confidential 

Sensitive Data Manager 7.0 assists healthcare organizations to maintain HIPAA/HITECH compliance by protecting confidential information stored anywhere within a corporate network or cloud environment. It deeply scans desktops, laptops, servers, databases, websites, email and cloud storage, and automatically discovers personally identifiable information (PII), payment card industry (PCI) data, protected health information (PHI) and intellectual property. This all-in-one solution prevents data breaches by covering discovery, classification, remediation and enforcement/reporting. Identity Finder

Sterilize high-touch devices 

Shared-use electronic devices are hot spots for cleanliness and contamination concerns. Cut your HAI exposure risk with SteriDesign’s new line of patent-pending high-sterilization devices. SteriBox sterilizes handheld consumer devices such as remote controls, mobile phones, landline phones, tablets and mobile players. SteriHood sterilizes keyboards and mice. These under-$100 solutions use low-power ultraviolet (UV-C) light to destroy pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew to 99.999 percent effectiveness within 5 minutes. SteriDesign