WorldOne releases iConsult 1.1 for enhanced web authorship on Sermo

Nov. 22, 2013

NEW YORK – Nov. 22, 2013 – WorldOne, the global leader in healthcare data collection, insights and intelligence, today announced the introduction of its iConsult version 1.1, an upgrade that brings new functionality and features to its leading virtual curbside application. Available on Sermo, WorldOne's online community of 200,000 U.S. physicians, these latest iConsult enhancements bring web authorship (previously only available on mobile), targeted alerts to relevant medical specialists and other improvements to the platform.

iConsult now allows physicians to author and discuss urgent and interesting patient cases from any web- or mobile-enabled device, and based on market tests, be almost assured feedback from multiple colleagues. Typical questions and responses include requested/suggested diagnoses and treatments with the best insights often resulting from collaboration among the doctors.

WorldOne has also appointed Dr. Benjamin Labrot, Founder of Floating Doctors, as an Advisor, working closely with the Sermo team on its development plans for iConsult. Floating Doctors, a 501(c)(3) non-profit relief organization providing care to patients in developing countries, has recently integrated iConsult into its formal Care Guidelines.

“iConsult is a cornerstone of our corporate mission to enable improved healthcare delivery and outcomes,” said Peter Kirk, CEO of WorldOne. “Today's product release is an important step for Sermo, reinforcing our dedication to serving physician needs on the front lines. Organizations like Floating Doctors will provide invaluable guidance as we execute on our ambitious plans to further develop iConsult and other digital tools of comparable clinical value.”

To date, iConsult has helped solve tens of thousands of cases across a multitude of therapeutic areas, with cases solved on average in less than two hours. A recent documentary released by both organizations highlights how within just a few hours a dozen physicians on Sermo, representing a combined 300 years of medical education, came to the aid of Floating Doctors physicians to help diagnose and suggest the proper course of action for a critically ill young patient.

“iConsult eliminates barriers to collaboration, allowing access to the knowledge and experience of thousands of physicians within minutes – whether in a small remote clinic or the most-advanced, large-city medical center,” said Ben LaBrot, MD, Founder, Floating Doctors. “The upgrades make it more versatile and ensure an even higher level of peer collaboration. I am excited to work with Sermo on developing a platform that I believe represents the future of medicine.”

To learn more about the iConsult 1.1 release and a special opportunity for a Sermo physician to participate in a future open clinic in a location served by Floating Doctors, visit the Sermo Blog.

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