Vocera and Rock Health connect leaders to transform the healthcare experience

April 29, 2015

Vocera Communications announced it will co-host an Innovation Showcase with Rock Health, a seed and early stage venture fund that supports companies building the next generation of healthcare technologies. Rock Health’s quarterly Innovation Showcases bring together leading digital health companies with potential customers and partners. This event is designed to connect leading healthcare provider organizations with digital health entrepreneurs to identify, test and accelerate the adoption of emerging innovations that engage patients, improve outcomes and elevate the healthcare experience.

The next Innovation Showcase will take place at Rock Health in San Francisco on Tuesday, May 5. Participating providers represent healthcare executives setting the next standard in care delivery, including members of Vocera’s Experience Innovation Network, an international group of chief experience officers, physicians, nurses and other industry leaders. During the event, these thought leaders will have a unique opportunity to view, evaluate and partner with a variety of startups including Ambient Clinical Analytics, CellScope, Ginger.io, Mango Health, Omada Health, Smart Patients and Tonic Health.

The Showcase coincides with Vocera’s eighth semi-annual Chief Experience Officer (CXO) Roundtable on May 6 and 7 in San Francisco, which will feature additional patient-centered technologies and solutions that meet the Quadruple Aim of improving population health, elevating patient-centered care, and reducing costs while restoring joy to the practice of medicine.

“If we truly want to catalyze healthcare transformation and create market differentiation, it is critical to accelerate the adoption of innovative technologies that engage and empower patients,” said Bridget Duffy, MD, chief medical officer of Vocera and co-founder of the Experience Innovation Network. “The Innovation Showcase is the ideal forum to bring together technology entrepreneurs, patients and providers, and challenge them to go faster to design the next standards of care for the nation.”

For more on the next Innovation Showcase, visit http://www.vocera.com/events

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