New social media platform provides support for ill and injured

Aug. 20, 2015

A new social media site is giving individuals suffering with life-threatening or life-altering injuries and diseases the opportunity to gain support and strength from friends, family members, and fellow patients online. DXsharelife allows patients to post their stories, create journals, update important events, upload photos and videos, and chat 24 hours a day with a registered nurse. The site also features an instant online chat with members dealing with similar health issues, giving these patients an important outlet as they deal with the enormous challenges of the disease or injury.

“This social media platform is giving patients a 24-hour-a-day outlet, allowing them to grow, flourish and share their stories and resources with others. Patients can learn from one another and offer key support, giving all members the strength that comes with being part of a true community,” says Angela Rollins, creator of DXsharelife.

Rollins, a registered nurse, created DXsharelife after spending much of her nursing career seeing patients suffer through life-altering diagnoses, health conditions and traumas.  She says she recognized how much these individuals tend to struggle with understanding how their lives will change once discharged from the hospital. Many patients turn to social media for support, as it’s readily available to them and gives them instant access to their friends and family members. However, Rollins says she knew that there had to be more social media could do for these individuals.

“As a nurse, I have watched hundreds of families grieve and struggle with loss. I want to help give them new hope, greater resources and a community of people who support them,” says Rollins. “Once discharged, DXsharelife gives patients what doctors and medical professionals cannot—the compassion and love they need to make it through an incredibly difficult time.”

Along with being able to connect with others, the family members and friends who follow patients on DXsharelife can send flowers, gifts, frozen dinners, gift cards, and other items directly from the site. And patients are able to search for and purchase medical supplies through the platform with the assistance of live support.

In addition, Rollins is offering support of her own on the website. Members will have email access to her, and patients can contact her for help finding physicians, understanding various types of treatment, and raising funds for medical care.

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