PACS/Imaging: Products – Nov/Dec 2017

Nov. 14, 2017
Courtesy of Carestream

Carestream introduces Workflow Orchestrator to enhance clinical communication and collaboration

The Workflow Orchestrator is native to Carestream’s Clinical Collaboration Platform. The Orchestrator’s productivity module directs imaging exams first to appropriate clinical subspecialists, and then to all available radiologists as needed to satisfy desired turnaround times. Exams also can be assigned to specific radiologists according to a referring physician’s preference and existing affiliations with hospitals or healthcare facilities. The platform’s workload balancing functionality can optimize reporting times.

The quality module offers comprehensive management reports for peer review, while the communication module enhances collaboration through use of chat capabilities, alerts, and screen sharing for radiologists, technologists, and onsite physicians. Worklists can be categorized by type, and user profiles contain subspecialty, main location, and credentials.

Administrative features allow corrections to exam data as well as the ability to add specialties for radiologists and manage worklists for specialty reading. Carestream’s Vue Motion enterprise viewer enables referring physicians to securely view a patient’s imaging exam on mobile devices and discuss a patient’s condition with radiologists if needed. Carestream

Supporting patients’ journeys through healthcare

ASPYRA is a global provider of healthcare products and services for the laboratory and imaging marketplaces. The company specializes in providing engineered workflow solutions that include software, interfaces, hardware, and professional services to an array of markets encompassing specialty labs, reference labs, clinics, hospitals, imaging centers , and orthopedic practices.

Courtesy of ASPYRA

ASPYRA’s engineered systems can be integrated and customized to provide a single-vendor or enterprise-wide solution.

ASPYRA’s MedVIEW PACS is a system that supports a patient’s journey through healthcare. There are a wide range of facility types in a system engineered to meet those demands—MedVIEW with AccessNET framework.

ASPYRA delivers the following capabilities:

  • Flexible. It works with a custom configuration tailored to work patterns and automated processes—the configuration can be changed anytime.
  • Scalable. The AccessNET framework’s modular design means the system grows with the organization. Easy configuration changes support new workflow, without the need to relearn the system.
  • Protected. Multiple layers of security; backup and fail-over configurations; Add in ASPYRA’s vendor-neutral archive (VNA) for protection of data.
  • Cost effective. Off-the-shelf computer hardware, open architecture, and standards compliance for integration and lower operating cost. MPR/MIP, Mammography capabilities, Orthopaedic tools, and Guest Portal included. In addition, MedVIEW has web capabilities.

Benefits include the following:

  • Capability for point-of-care and EMR image access to aid with meaningful use.
  • Business intelligence capabilities extract statistical information to recognize business trends or pull required information for inspections.
  • Workflow management capabilities help reduce costs and enhance revenue prospects.
  • DICOM and HL7 compliant, and offers support for future standards based on Web services.


Intelerad introduces SmartLayouts

Courtesy of Intelerad Medical Systems

Intelerad Medical Systems announced the release of SmartLayouts, a next-generation layout management system that allows radiologists to easily create their own layout protocols on-the-fly, directly within InteleViewer.

Once a protocol has been created, radiologists simply take a snapshot of their workspace, which adds the protocol to their collection and allows them to be shared with groups and users across the enterprise. SmartLayouts then uses intelligent automation to ensure that all future cases are laid out in a reliable and consistent manner, based on a variety of study attributes and characteristics, as well as each radiologist’s reading preferences.

In addition to increasing their productivity, enabling radiologists to efficiently create their own protocols also reduces the reliance and burden on IT staff, who are often tasked with configuring layout protocols for their organization. Intelerad’s SmartLayouts is now available using InteleViewer 4.15.1.
Intelerad Medical Systems

Managing your information

Courtesy of NOVARAD

The Ncompass Enterprise Imaging Solution manages your facility’s information by providing an efficient workflow for managing both DICOM and non-DICOM images throughout the hospital by transitioning the storage of images and patient information from hard drives, disks, and USB drives to a vendor neutral archive.

Ncompass is an all-in-one solution for the modern healthcare provider. Ncompass Enterprise Imaging Solution is built to scale, so facilities can evolve and expand without worry. NOVARAD

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