SSI releases Access Director, a patient access solution

May 3, 2018

The SSI Group, a provider of enterprise revenue cycle solutions, is now offering its latest Access Management product platform—Access Director, a solution that provides primary patient access revenue cycle capabilities in an integrated platform. Access Director helps providers manage patient encounters efficiently to achieve full patient financial clearance and prevent front-end revenue leakage. An integral part of SSI’s enterprise revenue cycle suite, Access Director can function as a stand-alone SaaS platform with an intuitive user interface or can be integrated into a provider’s existing host system/HIS with single sign-on functionality.

As patient financial responsibility, bad debt and a need to reduce operating costs have all grown in recent years, healthcare providers have increasingly struggled to successfully increase front-end collections. Access Director now enables providers to tackle this challenge directly, while maintaining a patient-centric approach to interactions. Access Director offers:

  • Eligibility – Verify insurance eligibility and benefits for every patient, every time with on-screen cues that guide patient interactions and decisions
  • Medical Necessity – Validate medical necessity and issue Advanced Beneficiary Notices (ABNs) prior to service
  • Patient Data Validation – Confirm patient address deliverability, verify identity and obtain current contact information to seamlessly update the host system or HIS
  • Patient Payment Planning – Calculate patient’s estimated out-of-pocket expenses and payment options through a pre-service cost estimation and propensity to pay process

In addition to the above features, the solution allows users to hone in at the service level, providing them with the information needed to streamline the patient registration and collections process. Providers that utilize the Access Director platform benefit financially, as net operating expenditures, denials and rework are reduced, while cash collections increase with better pre-service financial screening. At the same time, the patient experience is improved as patients have clear financial expectations and encounter fewer surprises throughout their interactions with a provider.

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