mGage and mPulse Mobile partner to improve consumer engagement in healthcare through RCS messaging

Sept. 13, 2018

At the Mobile World Congress Americas, mGage, a Vivial company, and mPulse Mobile, a mobile health engagement company, announced a ground-breaking partnership to launch Rich Communication Services (RCS) mobile messaging applications for the healthcare industry.

In this program, consumers will interact directly with the healthcare organization to reorder supplies via RCS messaging. Consumers will receive supply order reminders and can use the rich media interface to browse products, add or remove products, review, and place orders. The application also provides shipment, tracking, and delivery details.

RCS brings a new level of interactivity to mobile messaging. It combines the ease-of-use of SMS messages with rich media features, such as videos, audio, high-resolution images, and GIFs, typically found inside an app. At the heart of RCS is the ability to utilize a range of media to create two-way conversations. This provides consumers the ability to immediately respond and interact without leaving the messaging ecosystem.

Engaging with consumers directly is key to reducing healthcare costs and improving outcomes. Healthcare organizations are leveraging mobile solutions to deepen relationships with patients and consumers by tapping into their most utilized device—their phones.

Leading healthcare organizations have been successful in using SMS to engage with patients given the high adoption and effectiveness of mobile messaging. SMS messaging has proven to be powerful and effective in engaging individuals with tailored and meaningful dialogue that drives healthy behavior change.

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