100 Companies by Revenue Headliners

June 24, 2011
While every company in the HCI 100 is making a strong mark in the field of healthcare IT, some stand out further than others. To be up for inclusion
While every company in the HCI 100 is making a strong mark in the field of healthcare IT, some stand out further than others. To be up for inclusion in our Headliners section, companies must first make that made the top 40 in our ranking. After that, we looked at vendors that have, for example, taken ownership in a particular niche, grabbed the reigns of a leading-edge technology, or been active in the M&A realm by snapping up competitors.

Selecting these companies was not easy. As there are so many worthy companies, competition was fierce, and editors fought for their favorites in closed-door meetings. But when all was said and done, we feel as if our 2007 Headliners represent some of the most outstanding leaders in the field - companies that don't just do what their clients tell them, but suggest to their clients what to do.

We trust you'll enjoy our 2007 Headliners profiles. - the Editors

Companies (Rank) in the Healthcare Informatics 100 List

3t Systems Inc. (67)

Accuro Healthcare Solutions (47)

Adaptis (74)

Agfa HealthCare Corp. (7)

Allscripts (21)

Amcom Software (93)

Antares Management Solutions (71)

Aspyra, Inc. (90)

athenahealth Inc. (39)

Axiom Resource Management Inc. (81)

Benchmark Systems (100)

Cardinal Health (1)

CareCentric Inc. (72)

CareMedic Systems (49)

CareTech Solutions Inc. (33)

CBay Systems and Services Inc. (55)

Cerner Corp. (10)

CGI (4)

CNSI (46)

Cognizant Technology Solutions (18)

Companion Technologies (57)

CPSI (32)

CSC Group, The (82)

Dairyland Healthcare Solutions (60)

DR Systems Inc. (48)

ECG Management Consultants Inc. (79)

eClinicalWorks (58)

Eclipsys Corp. (14)

Emageon Inc. (29)

Emergin Inc. (91)

Emergis (35)

Epic Systems Corp. (15)

EVault Inc. (64)

Fastrack Healthcare Systems Inc. (92)

First Consulting Group (19)

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions (96)

Hayes Management Consulting (95)

Healthcare Management Systems Inc. (50)

Healthia Consulting (89)

Henry Schein (3)

Hitachi Consulting (20)

Hyland Software Inc. (88)

Indicative Software (98)

InfoLogix Inc. (44)

Ingenix (11)

Initiate Systems Inc. (52)

InterSystems Corp. (23)

ISH Inc. (65)

JJWild (38)

Keane Inc. (24)

Konica Minolta Medical Imaging USA Inc. (27)

Kronos Inc. (26)

Lason Inc. (25)

Logibec Groupe Informatique lte (56)

McKesson Provider Technologies (9)

MED3OOO Inc. (42)

MEDecision Inc. (54)

Medical Present Value Inc. (MPV) (99)

MedInitiatives Inc. (86)

MediNotes Corp. (97)

Meditech (Medical Information Technology, Inc.) (17)

Mediware Information Systems (59)

Medseek Inc. (83)

Misys Healthcare Systems (12)

NEC Unifi ed Solutions Inc. (13)

Netsmart Technologies (45)

NextGen Healthcare/Quality Systems Inc. (31)

Nightingale (76)

Orion Health (77)

Passport Health Communications Inc. (66)

Perceptive Software Inc. (63)

Perot Systems Corp. (5)

PHNS Inc. (36)

Picis (41)

Precision Dynamics Corporation (53)

Purkinje (78)

QuadraMed Corp. (28)

Quovadx Inc. (37)

RCM Technologies Inc. (80)

Sage Software Healthcare Inc. (8)

SAIC (2)

SAS (6)

SCC Soft Computer (43)

SDS (34)

Sentillion Inc. (70)

Source Medical (62)

Spheris (22)

SSI Group Inc., The (61)

Stinger Medical LLC (75)

Streamline Health (85)

Syntel (51)

TeleTracking Technologies (73)

TeleVox Software Inc. (68)

TriZetto Group, The (16)

Unibased Systems Architecture Inc. (94)


Vital Images Inc. (40)

Vitalize Consulting Solutions Inc. (84)

Wipro Technologies (30)

ZirMed Inc. (87)

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