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June 24, 2011
HCI's Online Executive Interviews Series One-on-One With Healthia Consulting VP Jonathan Thompson A growing number of hospitals are now beginning

HCI's Online Executive Interviews Series

One-on-One With Healthia Consulting VP Jonathan Thompson

A growing number of hospitals are now beginning their second cycle of EMR implementations. However, migrating from one vendor to another can be daunting. Healthcare Informatics Editor Daphne Lawrence recently spoke with Jonathan Thompson, a vice president at Minneapolis-based Healthia Consulting, about his experience with migrations and his recommendations for an easier transition.


One-on-One with Orlando Health CIO Rick Schooler

Healthcare Informatics Editor Daphne Lawrence spoke with Rick Schooler, vice president and CIO of the seven-hospital Orlando Health network in Florida, about some of the challenges and tricks of the trade in budgeting for IT.


One-on-One with Children's CIO Praveen Chopra

Praveen Chopra is vice president, chief supply officer and CIO at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, a three-hospital, 474-bed, non-for-profit organization that includes five immediate care centers and one primary care center. Since Chopra's arrival two and a half years ago, Children's has implemented several components of an EMR system and recently went live on CPOE. Chopra didn't let the fact that he was a first-time CIO stop him from heading up a major IT overhaul that replaced best-of-breed applications with an enterprise-wide system.


One-on-One with David Brailer, M.D., Ph.D.

David Brailer, first and former National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, stepped out of his government position and into the private sector, and took a few minutes to chat with Managing Editor Stacey Kramer about where health IT is and where it's going.



Welcome to HCI's New Discussion Board

Healthcare Informatics' Discussion Board is an interactive online forum where readers can ask for help, learn best practices, and discover career-enhancing opportunities. Simply register once (requires separate registration from our Blog section) and start posting. (http://www.healthcare-informatics.com/discussionboard) Recent Headlines on the HCI Discusion Board Include:

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Virtual Hospital Tour

Scottsdale Healthcare's Thompson Peak Hospital

Scottsdale Healthcare is a three-hospital health system in Arizona. In addition to its Osborn and Shea facilities, the system recently added Thompson Peak hospital in November 2007. The facility can expand up accommodate up to 184 inpatient beds. Thompson Peak also offers inpatient and outpatient general surgery, radiology and cardiology diagnostic services and MRI and CT suites. Recently HCI Editor-in-Chief Anthony Guerra was given a tour of the new facility by Scottsdale Healthcare CIO Jim Cramer and Thompson Peak Campus Associate Vice President Mary Kopp, RN, BSN, MS.

See the online photo tour at: http://www.healthcare-informatics.com/thompsonpeak

Healthcare Informatics 2008 November;25(11):6

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