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June 24, 2011
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Guest Blogs: 25

Registered Readers: 803

View Blogs from Industry Insiders, Including:

Richard Bankowitz, MD, MBA

VP/Medical Director, Premier Healthcare Informatics, Charlotte, N.C.

Joe Bormel, MD, MPH

CMO/VP, Clinical Product Management, QuadraMed, Reston, Va.

Marc D. Paradis, MS

Director of Strategic Data Services in Applied Informatics, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston


One-on-One with Lutheran Medical Center CIO Steve Art

Lutheran Medical Center (LMC), a 476-bed Level I Trauma Center, is part of Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Lutheran HealthCare. Recently, HCI Editor-in-Chief Anthony Guerra had a chance to talk with CIO Steve Art about his facility's plans to implement the VA's VistA open-source software supported by MedSphere.


One-on-One with Virginia Commonwealth University Health System's CMIO, Alistair Erskine, M.D.

Virginia Commonwealth University Health System (VCUHS) is an academic medical center based in Richmond, Va. The VCU Health System includes the 779-bed Medical College of Virginia Hospitals and VCU's Massey Cancer Center. HCI Associate Editor Kate Huvane Gamble spoke with Alistair Erskine, M.D., about his role as CMIO and how his organization is leveraging technology to improve the safety and quality of care.


One-on-One with Kaiser Permanente CIO Phil Fasano

When word came that Kaiser Permanente had signed a $500 million, seven-year deal with IBM for management of its data center operations, the industry took notice. But when IBM announced 5,000 job cuts of its own, some wondered if KP knew what it had gotten into. Not to worry, says CIO Phil Fasano. Anthony Guerra delved into this issue and much more with Fasano.


One-on-One With Citizens Memorial CIO Denni McColm

Four years ago, Davies Award-winning Citizens Memorial Healthcare overhauled its IT structure. Today, a fully integrated, 100 percent paperless healthcare information system connects the 74-bed hospital with five long-term care facilities, 16 physician clinics and home care services across southwest Missouri. Recently, Anthony Guerra spoke with CIO Denni McColm about a small hospital was able to accomplish great things.


HCI 2.0





Northwestern Memorial Hospital is an 897-bed academic medical center located in the heart of downtown Chicago. After being guided on a tour, Contributing Editor Mark Hagland sat down with Vice President and CIO Tim Zoph for a conversation about his organization's IT strategies and directions. To take the virtual tour of Northwestern, visit http://www.healthcare-informatics.com/northwestern.
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