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June 24, 2011
The vendor I would most like to read an in-depth profile about is: In your opinion, the most productive, valuable and useful
The vendor I would most like to read an in-depth profile about is:
In your opinion, the most productive, valuable and useful association/organization is:
I found the HIMSS leadership survey to be:

Crossword Puzzle


1. Sophisticated vendor rating company

3. Toothless HIT privacy and security legislation

7. The one and only patient index

12. Curve

14. Employer's tax ID #

15. Chair of CCHIT

17. CPOE has ___ sets

18. Five on the feet

19. Animal foot

20. M.D.

22. Figure out

24. Best thing to do in the waiting room

26. Imaging technology

27. Past tense of read

29. Give off good vibrations

31. Term for how much a project will make or save

32. Common acronym for imaging systems

33. Owned and operated acronym

35. ___ existing condition

36. Laughter sound

37. Large scheduling software provider

38. Emotional intelligence, abbr.

40. Specialty, or ___, of coverage

42. The form potential vendors respond to

43. New term for RHIO

44. HCI July cover shoot

45. Nanosecond, abbr.

46. Similar to a sea snake

47. Elixir

48. Milliliter abbr.

49. Ages

52. Software guinea pig, testing phase

54. Give clinicians ___ and they'll adopt IT

55. Type of computer address

57. HIMSS06 city

58. HIMSS vendor group


1. Head of ONCHIT

2. Medical org.

4. Big Utah-based provider

5. Family physician group

6. Postal abbr. for McCain state

8. Green screen

9. Circular chart

10. Making progress

11. Federal standards setting organization

13. Mobile cart used in hospitals

16. Also

21. C-suiter who blends IT and clinical roles

23. Threefold

25. Savings account

28. Score anaesthesiologists use to assess patient

30. Impression of a situation

32. Privacy maven

34. Large ERP provider

35. To get charged up

39. The quiet company

40. Artificial intelligence, for short

41. HCI October cover shoot

42. Imaging mega show

43. Biggest HIT show

45. If it's the best, it's top ____

47. ___ medicine (health care delivered remotely)

50. Obligated to pay

51. Internet ranking tactic

52. U.K.-based phone company

53. If not a subscription model, you sell it

55. Drip

56. Loudspeaker system

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