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June 24, 2011
Teaming for Imaging Rochester, N.Y.-based Carestream Health Inc. and Malvern, Pa.-based Siemens Medical Solutions have released an integrated

Teaming for Imaging

Rochester, N.Y.-based Carestream Health Inc. and Malvern, Pa.-based Siemens Medical Solutions have released an integrated digital medical imaging system featuring a portable X-ray generator and computed radiography (CR) system.

According to both companies, the CR-ITX 560 system features a shared user interface and power source, processes up to 60 images an hour with images being ready after 38 seconds, and supports multiple plate sizes.

The system also has hospital information system/radiology information system (HIS/RIS) compatibility, contends Carestream and Siemens, and 560 supports DICOM Store and DICOM Print capabilities and uses a standard network outlet for communication.

Formerly part of Kodak's Health Group, Carestream is now owned by Onex.

Kronos Goes 6.0 with Workforce Central

Chelmsford, Mass.-based Kronos Inc., a provider of staffing solutions, has launched Workforce Central 6.0, a global workforce management suite.

According to Kronos, updated features in Workforce Central 6.0 include:

  • A centralized location for labor data which enables managers to monitor and compare workforce performance across geographies

  • Improved visibility into workforce performance from enhanced analytics solutions

  • New industry-specific key performance indicators (KPI's), such as the overall labor efficiency KPI for manufacturing, which is based on workforce availability, performance, and quality.

Siemens Develops Patient Health Card

Siemens Medical Solutions has launched its CardOS Health 2.0 Patient Health Card Solution, a portable storage and communication device that provides patient identification, electronic retrieval, storage and display of medical and demographic data, and communication functions for healthcare information.

About the size of a credit card, Siemens contends that the Patient Health Cards are chip-embedded, photo identification cards that allow patients to be identified and authenticated during registration. According to Siemens, the card also provides instant access to key electronic medical record information, including insurance coverage and demographic information.

The solution combines smart card technology with a set of applications that can integrate with hospital information systems, the Malvern, Pa.-based company says.

HDA Clears GE's Carescape

The FDA has cleared United Kingdom-headquartered GE Healthcare's Carescape patient data module for mobile patient monitoring.

The 24-hour critical data capture device is designed to provide a receiving nurse with a complete monitoring history when a patient arrives. The self-powered mobile product is made to capture and store all patient measurements—both standard and specialty—providing clinicians with easier critical baseline measurements, the company touts.

The newly approved device is part of the company's Carescape portfolio, an integrated suite of patient monitoring devices, communications networks and IT systems, designed to transform traditional patient monitoring data into clinical intelligence. GE Healthcare is a unit of General Electric Co.

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