June 24, 2011
New Protection and Retention Product is Introduced Woburn, Mass.-based BridgeHead Software (BH) has launched a hospital administrative data

New Protection and Retention Product is Introduced

Woburn, Mass.-based BridgeHead Software (BH) has launched a hospital administrative data protection system. According to the company, its new BH OfficeStore solution suite provides a single, unified platform for long-term data management of administrative content generated from office productivity applications.

The new software, it claims, can simultaneously manage e-mail, unstructured files and information contained within Microsoft's collaboration system.

Bed Management Solution Gets Enhancements

TeleTracking Technologies Inc. (Pittsburgh) is unveiling the Bed Management Suite powered by TeleTracking XT, the next generation of its patient flow application.

The solution joins TransportTracking, which has been live on the TeleTracking XT platform since 2007 at more than 100 hospitals, to create a patient flow automation software package, says the company.

The new application includes enhanced visual alerts and timers to improve the monitoring and management of patient admission criteria; user-defined clinical and physical attributes; isolation indicators to help minimize cross contamination during transfers, patient transportation and bed turnover; a single platform; and multi-campus deployment for centralized placement capabilities, according to the company.

Iasis Deploys Single Sign-on

Iasis Healthcare (Franklin, Tenn.), owner and operator of 15 acute care hospitals in six states, is implementing Andover, Mass.-based Sentillion's enterprise single sign-on (SSO) solution to facilitate access to its EHR system.

Seven of Iasis' facilities are currently live with SSO. Since deploying the solution, Iasis' IT department has reported a 60 percent reduction in help desk calls related to password resets, according to the company.

Iasis expects SSO to be fully deployed in all of its facilities by the end of the year, after which it will begin rolling out Sentillion's identity management solution to automate the user administration process of managing, creating and terminating accounts, it says.

ICD-10 Translation Tool Unveiled

Salt Lake City-headquartered 3M Health Information Systems released its ICD-10 Code Translation Tool.

The Department of Health and Human Services has set Oct. 1, 2013 as the implementation date for ICD-10, the new national coding standard that will replace ICD-9.

The product contains menu-driven features to convert existing systems and software applications to ICD-10, or to create customized mappings for specific business needs. 3M says its new software identifies all reasonable ICD-10 alternatives for the ICD-9 codes held in an information system, and performs automated mappings where a simple one-to-one map exists. The software then isolates the remaining complex codes and provides the user with reference data to assist in fine-tuning the final conversions to ICD-10, it says.

Codes based on the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) are used throughout healthcare to record, store, and retrieve diagnosis and procedure information for clinical, epidemiological and quality purposes, and for reimbursement.

Baxa Workflow Software Upgrades Pharmacy Capabilities

Baxa (Englewood, Colo.) is upgrading its IntelliFlowRx workflow management software to include Preparation Modes, FormularyPlus and TPN processing capabilities.

The addition of Preparation Modes, says the company, provides a user-defined set of standards that control how the workstation behaves during dose preparation so that IntelliFlowRx Workstations can filter and control the dose queue. This, say Baxa, allows pharmacies to track oral dose prep, extemporaneous compounding, telepharmacy and manual additions as well as IV dose prep.

New Audiopoint Solution Automates Patient Follow-up

Audiopoint, a Rockville, Md.-based provider of voice data solutions, has introduced NotifierRx, a suite of automated patient management services.

NotifierRx is designed to help hospitals improve care and reduce readmissions by automating outpatient follow-up with interactive voice-controlled services, says the company. With this solution, patients receive a series of personalized reminders and queries. Their spoken responses are then automatically captured via Audiopoint's Automatic Speech Recognition technology, it touts.

New Solution Looks to Improve Public Health Reporting

Orion Health Inc. (Santa Monica, Calif.) and Cisco (San Jose, Calif.) have introduced Rhapsody AXP, a solution designed to address challenges in public health reporting and to improve the detection, tracking and response to disease outbreaks such as seasonal or H1N1 flu.

According to the companies, the solution integrates the Cisco Application Extension Platform (AXP), Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) and the Orion Health Rhapsody platform to provide a pre-configured and secure public health reporting solution. Rhapsody AXP automates reporting by enabling the secure exchange of data, routing it within the hospital or clinic as well as between organizations, including the Centers for Disease Control.

TeleTracking Enhances Patient Transfer

Pittsburgh-based TeleTracking Technologies Inc. has acquired transfer center software technology designed to be used as either a standalone product or to be incorporated into its Avanti Patient Flow consulting division's Transfer Center, it says.

TeleTracking is now selling this product in its current form, and will begin integrating the new technology into its patient flow software solutions, according to the company.

The TeleTracking Avanti Patient Flow consulting division developed a specialized process model to help hospitals design a centralized Transfer Center that it says helps hospitals better manage referral and transfer admissions, increase transfer volumes, improve physician satisfaction, analyze and respond to referral patterns and provide patients with rapid initiation of life-saving care. The addition of this software will further streamline and track the flow of communications necessary to smoothly and efficiently accept transfers and referrals, it touts.

MedeAnalytics Introduces Patient Access Services

Emeryville, Calif.-based MedeAnalytics, a provider of healthcare performance management solutions, announced the launch of its Patient Access Services (PAS) solution.

The solution is a Web-based workflow application that provides real-time intelligence during the patient registration process, says the company. Directly integrated with key hospital information systems, PAS includes patient payment estimation, charity care screening, address validation, risk segmentation and insurance eligibility verification capabilities combined into one interface designed for front-end staff, it adds.

PAS also leverages a variety of third-party data sources and predictive modeling techniques to automatically segment patients prior to service and prompt registrars for appropriate action using customized business rules and logic, it says.

Healthcare Informatics 2010 February;27(2):54-56

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