Role-based communications for the people in your world

June 24, 2011
The biggest investment in your healthcare facility is not technology - its people. With UNIVERGE®360, NEC places people at the center of business

The biggest investment in your healthcare facility is not technology - its people. With UNIVERGE®360, NEC places people at the center of business communications - instead of technology defining how people communicate in a role, the role defines the technology used to communicate. With this approach, communications can be tailored to each individual's role; ensuring quick access to healthcare resources and records so patients get the best care possible.

NEC's strategic focus areas for role-based communications in the healthcare environment are Clinical Mobility, Clinical Workflow and Emergency Medicine.

In the area of Clinical Mobility, NEC provides ubiquitous communications, electronic medical records access, patient / nurse communications, wireless ICU, telemetry monitoring and Computer on Wheels (COW). These are optimized through a variety of solutions ranging from unified communications, wireless solutions integrated with nurse call and patient monitoring systems, and thin-client computing.

NEC's Clinical Workflow solutions focus on utilization management, lowering the expenses per adjusted discharge, reducing FTEs per occupied bed, and improving net operating revenue. These can be accomplished through call handling/distribution and emergency message notification solutions, unified communications, and application-rich IP terminals.

In the area of Emergency Medicine, NEC's focus is to improve patient throughput and bed capacity, reduce ER backlog and improve patient satisfaction. Digital signage placed strategically in the ER can display pertinent information and wireless LAN technology can enhance communications and improve inventory tracking through RFID.

NEC offers a wide-range of healthcare solutions that can help you streamline care delivery through sophisticated mobile and point-of-care communications systems. Solutions such as integrated biometric systems ensure only authorized users have access to secure areas, medical devices and patients. Additionally, through convergence, these systems support the instant messaging of medical images and patient records, which enables more efficient bedside decision-making processes. The ability to access the information you need, when and where you need it, is critical to the delivery of outstanding patient care.

NEC provides the innovative software, applications, development tools, and services your facility needs to excel at what it does best: providing excellent healthcare.

Healthcare Informatics 2008 August;25(8):55

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