June 24, 2011
Kofax Captures the Competition In a plan to push towards electronic processing and enable end-users to process paper-based or online forms, Kofax

Kofax Captures the Competition

In a plan to push towards electronic processing and enable end-users to process paper-based or online forms, Kofax of Irvine, Calif., has created its Adobe LiveCycle Barcoded Forms 7.0 for Ascent Capture. With combined technology, workflow is accelerated and form designers can create two-dimensional barcode Adobe PDFs according to the company. Anthony Macciola, vice president of product management at Kofax, says the product allows organizations to “more efficiently process information from both electronic and paper-based sources, streamlining their document-processing workflow.”

Third Brigade's Serious Security

With a watchful eye on intruders, particularly on zero-day attackers, Third Brigade of Ottawa has launched a new weapon, Deep Security 4. “Intrusion prevention is a critical component of a defense-in-depth strategy for enterprises,” Wael Mohamed, president and CEO of Third Brigade, Inc., says. Third Brigade's newest intrusion prevention system (IPS) focuses on prevention systems for healthcare, government, telecommunications and financial services. Novell ZENworks automates and enforces business and IT management processes for desktops, laptops, servers and handheld devices across diverse server and client platforms. Third Brigade's software allows customers to create and enforce comprehensive security policies, proactively protecting critical applications and sensitive data.

Perfectly Portable, Absolutely Secure

Tapping into the growing trend of employees using portable devices to download personal and company data, SmartLine Inc. of San Ramon, Calif., has rolled out its DeviceLock. Unlike many security programs, DeviceLock protects network computers against attacks from the inside out. The SmartLine device provides security managers with flexibility and control in granting (or denying) user permissions for up- or downloading to and from plug-and-play devices, according to the company.

With the Plug-and-Play Auditor, administrators can generate reports displaying the USB, FireWire and PCMCIA devices currently and previously connected to computers in the network, and learn how many users are uploading and downloading data to personal, portable storage devices.

TheraDoc Tries to Control Infection

Aiming at quelling infection and providing real-time clinical decision support, TheraDoc of Salt Lake City has rolled out a new version of its Infection Control Assistant (ICA). Designed to execute infection control while simultaneously measuring clinical and financial outcomes, TheraDoc’s ICA version 3.2 is intended to improve workflow efficiencies as well as enhance surveillance, documentation and reporting capabilities. Version 3.2 is marketed as promptly identifying and clinically confirming hospital, healthcare and community-acquired infections to provide institution-specific inferences that automatically screens for possible infections based on first-episode evidence. ICA’s upgrade features ICP Workbench to provide a compilation of clinical infection pre-screeing information within one panel. The new version offers tailored reports for internal institutional data and local public health departments.

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