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June 24, 2011
Barco Shows its True Colors Barco of Kortrijk, Belgium has just released a Nio Color 2MP flexible display system that offers a variety of medical

Barco Shows its True Colors

Barco of Kortrijk, Belgium has just released a Nio Color 2MP flexible display system that offers a variety of medical applications, including 3D PACS, ultrasound and orthopedic imaging. The product — featuring a 2 MegaPixel (1,600 x 1,200 resolution) 20.1-inch color LCD grayscale medical data set — is compatible with 2-D and 3-D applications, and color matches the displays in every dual-head to maintain color consistency.

Cyber Secure

Offering protection for data traversing third party networks, Pittsburgh’s CipherOptics has just rolled out IPSec security gateway SG1002, which provides full-duplex, gigabit speed IPSec encryption for protecting data in motion over IP networks, supporting high availability (HA) in less than half the rack space of its predecessor, according to the company.

Signed, Sealed, Sent

With an eye on document management and mobility, Newburgh, N.Y.-headquartered, DocuWare has just rolled out DocuWare 5, which the company contends supports all forms of electronic signatures. The new version features a central document pool with a file cabinet stored locally on the notebook computer, so that information is project materials, customer files and client data available both on- or offline.

Epocrates Looks for Quick Diagnosis

Looking to provide diagnostic clinician support, San Mateo, Calif.-based Epocrates Inc. has just released its SxDx application. According to the company, users are able to enter an unlimited number of symptoms, examination findings (such as lab results) and key patient demographics to generate a list of the most likely diagnoses in the Epocrates disease reference. The symptom assessment tool organizes and displays results in order of likelihood based on several factors, including frequency of findings in a particular disease and frequency of disease occurrence.

Integrated Rx

Fastrack Healthcare Systems, Inc. of Plainview, N.Y., has released Enterprise System for Infusion Pharmacy (IV) for Windows integrated database. The company says the new system can be utilized over the Internet by accessing the Fastrack ASP Host server or, alternately, offers clients the ability to license the software for use on their own fileservers. This SQL Enterprise System features the Baxa TPN calculator, online drug adjudication, document imaging, barcoding and billing.

Going Completely Wireless

Milwaukee-headquartered Johnson Controls, Inc. has launched the Metasys system, which the company says offers broad and flexible wireless building management solutions. The system offers a scalable solution for wireless capabilities in one part, or throughout an entire building including room sensing, field controllers, network automation and user interfaces.

Ovid Goes Online

New York-headquartered Ovid has released its online point-of-care tool, ClinicalResource. Designed to provide immediate access to evidence-based information resources for information managers and health care professionals, ClinialResource is marketed as a tool to help users save time on research, make clinical decisions faster and provide higher quality patient care by integrating books, articles and a medical database.

Primera Pushes Technology Forward

Primera Technology of Plymouth, Minn., has just rollout out its Bravo line of automated CD/DVD duplication and printing systems. The Bravo line of duplicators uses a robotic arm to automatically burn the disc and then inkjet print full-color images, text, graphics and logos directly on to the surface of the disc.

Coordinating Community Care

With coordinating care and sharing information on the brain, Siemens Medical Solutions of Malvern, Pa., has rolled out its Soarian Community Access solution. The new IT solution is designed to allow healthcare providers to securely connect with patients and other members of the healthcare community online by providing single sign-on access to browser and non-browser-based applications.

SMC Switches On

SMC Networks of Irvine, Calif., has rolled out its 10Gigabit Copper Ethernet XENPAK. The copper transceiver enables simple, flexible, high-bandwidth 10Gbps connections by using industry standard CAT-5e cabling and RJ45 connectors to reach up to 10 meters, according to the company.

Rugged Fingerprints

Orlando-based Zvetco Biometrics had unveiled its waterproof, enterprise-class Verifi P3400 USB fingerprint reader. The Verifi P3400 is a solid aluminum construction with a commercial grade powder coat finishing, and is being marketed for the medical community as "coffee-proof.”

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