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Dec. 9, 2011

LINKMED® IE DICOM-HL7 Interface Engine

  • Bi-directional DICOM-HL7 ADT/Order/Result and Billing Interface

  • Virtually connects to any EMR, EHR, HIS, PACS, and Diagnostic Medical Devices

  • Electronic Signature/Transcription Web Pages

  • Web-Enabled EMR/EHR Interface

  • Complete Healthcare Interface Solutions with Professional Installations Included

LINK Medical Computing, Inc.

(888) 893-0900

Holon Solutions

Holon's CollaborNet creates a secure network that manages the assembly, packaging, routing, and delivery of vital health information among and between care delivery organization team members. Holon's CollaborNet connects care communities, regardless of your level of technological sophistication, using the systems you currently have in place and with or without standard communication protocols. CollaborNet is flexible and adaptable and can support changes to communication standards and methods as they develop. CollaborNet builds value from the bottom up by delivering information WHEN, WHERE, and HOW you need it.

Holon Solutions

(678) 324-2060

Xpress Encounter Pro (Medicaid and Medicare)

Medical Data Express provides MEDICAID and MEDICARE health plans with the most robust Encounter Reporting system:

  • ANSI 5010 ready

  • Scrub problem claims

  • Maintenance covers:

    • New versions of HIPAA standards

    • MEDICAID state changes

    • MEDICARE changes

  • Most claim payment systems and custom sources supported

  • Automated handling of voids, replacements

  • Complete historical tracking

Medical Data Express

(480) 839-0420

Wall-Mounted Computer Workstations

Proximity Systems' Workstations improve efficiency, reduce staff fatigue, and increase patient interaction by integrating equipment, medications, supplies, and patient information at the point-of-care. The swivel feature allows the work surface and monitor to rotate 90°, enhancing the patient experience and maintaining privacy by allowing the clinician to interact facing the patient. Made in the USA.

Proximity Systems

(800) 437-8111

Your Smartphone is now your pager

OnPage, a two-way pager service on Smartphones, with never-before paging functionalities and benefits including:

  • Consolidation of Devices

  • Confirmation of Delivery and Read

  • Continuous alert and Repeated delivery - Never lose a message!

  • Convenience-Full reply capabilities

  • Compliance-Secure HIPAA service with audit trail

  • Coverage-Global with cellular data or WiFi

OnPage by Onset Technology

(781) 916-0040

Power System Upgrades for Mobile Workstations

New Lithium Iron Phosphate power system upgrades available from Futura Healthcare Technology. Universal solution-can be retrofit to most cart models. Offers 14+ HRs run-time with a 1-2 HR recharge. Estimated 5 YR Life Span. The battery you've been waiting for. Free 30 Day Evaluations available upon request.

Futura Healthcare Technology

(215) 642-3363

Healthcare Informatics 2011 December;28(12):78

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