Individual Sponsorships

March 19, 2013

Welcome Gift | Content Flash Drive | Room Drop | Room Key
rogram Guide Advertising

All individual sponsorships include:

  • Pre-conference marketing, including branding in the Summit Preview Guide and Final Registration Brochure (based on deadline of sponsorship submittal)
  • Company Logo and Sponsor Recognition in the Summit Program Guide
  • Company Logo on the Sponsor Recognition Signage at the Summit.
Summit Content Flash Drive/Pen Combo (Memory Stick):

Pre-load your company’s assets onto flash drives. Get your logo in front of every delegate during the Summit and keep it there for long after the Summit has concluded. These flash drives can result in an ongoing presence of your brand in a useful business tool delegates will utilize and take with them. 

One sponsorship available - $3500 net

Hotel Room Key:

At the Healthcare Informatics Executive Summit 2013, all of the attendees will have the opportunity to stay at the hotel.  Your brand on the room keys will be a constant reminder of both your brand and booth location.  

One sponsorship available - $2500 net

Conference Program Guide Advertising:

All four-color or black and white ads should be supplied as High Resolution (300DPI) PDF files. All images/logos used in the ad also need 300DPI to assure quality printing. All files will be run as sent. Vendome is not responsible for errors in submitted artwork. 

Available Positions:

  • Full-Page 4-Color - $2500 net
  • Cover 2 Position - $3,500 net
  • Cover 3 Position - $2,995 net
  • Cover 4 Position - $3,995 net

Click here for ad specifications. 

Executive Summit Attendee Welcome Gift Sponsorship: SOLD

One of the more popular items available for sponsorship is the Summit Attendee Welcome Gift. The high-quality Welcome Gift is always a take-away hit, and with your logo on them, this sponsorship promises strong brand recognition.

Hotel Room Drop: SOLD

Reach every hotel guest registered for the event with a message and/or a gift from your company.

Door Handle – One sheet up to 8.5” x 11” hung on the door handle. 

Inside Room – Marketing materials delivered inside the guest rooms. 

Two available: Thursday a.m. and Friday a.m.


Nicole Casement
Director of Digital & Custom Solutions, West Coast
P: 212-812-8416
F: 212-228-1308
[email protected]

Pam Weiler Wilson
Director of Digital & Custom Solutions, East Coast
P: 212-812-8427
F: 212-228-1308
[email protected]

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