Top 100 Vendors - continued

June 24, 2011
To conclude a review of the Top 12 HIS vendors out of HI's Top 100 issue, here's the six at the lower end of the annual revenue spectrum, but who

To conclude a review of the Top 12 HIS vendors out of HI's Top 100 issue, here's the six at the lower end of the annual revenue spectrum, but who cover many more "normal" community hospitals then the "Big Buck" vendors at the top of the scale who concentrate on AMCs and IDNs:

7. Meditech - year after year, this market leader in small and mid-sized hospitals posts impressive numbers, this year, coming in at $397M. They'd be closer to $.5B if they sold hardware like every other vendor does (except Epic). Their former hardware partner, JJ Wild, has been acquired by Perot, who now gets to add about $50M in hardware sales to their "consulting" revenue. 8. Keane - New owners Caritor have completely shuffled their product line with a new "Optimum" system combining the best of PatCom and First Coast financials, along with their home-grown iMed clinicals. 2008 HIT revenue was $187M. 9. QuadraMed - the ARRA HITECH stimulus money should boost sales of their new "QCPR" (formerly Misys' "Ulticare") clinicals to their Affinity client base in 2009. For 2008, they posted $150M in annual revenue, a tribute to former CEO Keith Hagan from their old CompuCare days.. 10. CPSI - Probably the most complete, integrated HIS on the market, CPSI even boasts its own PACS and Time and Attendance systems! Last year's revenue came in at $119M, not bas for a firm that specializes in small hospitals under 100 beds! 11. HMS - This is the HMS from Nashville, not the Managed Care HMS from NY; they run on IBM's iSeries (AS/400 to we old folks, System 38 to our parents...), and also offer a very integrated and complete HIS for small to mid-sized hospitals, IBM's mid-range server being extremely scalable. 12. Healthland - Formerly Dairyland, they moved their corporate HQ to Louisville and changed the name to reflect their growing client base far outside of the Midwest. They dominate the under-25 bed Critical Access Hospital market with over 300 clients. Last year's annual revenue came in at $48M.

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