Live From HIMSS: The AMDIS Physician's IT Symposium - Part Two - Thought Leadership From the Symposum

June 24, 2011
Live From HIMSS:  The AMDIS Physician's IT Symposium - Part Two - Thought Leadership From the Symposium   Photo from HIMSS 2009:  Bridge to nowhere?
Live From HIMSS: The AMDIS Physician's IT Symposium - Part Two - Thought Leadership From the Symposium
Photo from HIMSS 2009: Bridge to nowhere?Here are a few of the presentations you might want to get the multimedia materials for: The Future of Healthcare IT: An Opportunity for Clinicians to Provide Leadership Peter Basch, MD, FACP Dr. Basch provided a number of great, candid perspectives, from the history of the origin of EHR, to enumerating the key challenges and best thinking. Consistent with other presentations I've seen from Peter, he was pragmatic in his formulation and entertaining in his delivery. Here are the topics he hit: 1. Is EHR the right tool?2. Care Coordination3. Non-visit based care4. Interconnected care5. ePrescribing6. Definition of "meaningful use" (of course)7. Documentation Challenge8. Ready enough for prime timePHRs: Flash in the Pan? C. Martin Harris, MD, MBA, FHIMSS Dr. Harris outlined the Cleveland Clinic's global strategy for improving every aspect of health care delivery. Global means both presence around the world, and comprehensive, including partnerships with both MicroSoft and Google, as well as MyChart. Their thought work and evolution to "pizza boxes" is worth any health executives' time. It's a compelling future and much of it is here now. Bridging the HIT and Quality Gap Charles (Chuck) Parker, MD, Continua Alliance George Reynolds, MD, MMM, FAAP, CPHIMS, Children's, Omaha Drs. Parker and Reynolds showed something equally compelling. Reynolds walked through the process data available from their EHR environment, and spoke to the information-based management that is now possible, and how they've changed behaviors as a result. It was more inspirational than any TedTalk I've seen, at least for HCIT. And that's saying a lot. (TedTalks are designed to be as inspirational as humanly possible.) If you have an interest in clinical HCIT, I strongly encourage you virtually attend these presentations. If they don't help you with your day job, I'll refund what you paid for this advice!

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