Ga. Clinically Integrated Network Deploys Transition-of-Care Platform

Aug. 21, 2023
Premier Health Network executive says CareConvene allows providers to remain actively engaged in patient care following discharge

Clinically integrated network Premier Health Network (PHN) has started deploying CareConvene, a transition-of-care workflow platform, in the Georgia market.

Founded in 2014, Care Convene is designed to improve clinical capabilities, reduce unnecessary inpatient hospitalization and eliminate avoidable hospital readmission. The Velatura HIE Corp., a nonprofit organization of affiliated regional health information exchanges and a part owner of CareConvene, said the platform aids clinicians in the delivery of real-time delivery hospital notifications and provides novel digital tools to establish a 48-hour post discharge patient interaction. It connects patients and providers on-demand anywhere through text and video.

PHN is a physician-owned clinically integrated health network of 523 providers, including nine ancillary facilities serving the Central Savannah River Area and surrounding counties.

Velatura was established to extend the Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services’ modular and scalable interoperability products and services for access and use outside of Michigan. For example, Velatura serves as the infrastructure for the New Jersey Health Information Network. It has worked with GaHIN, Georgia’s statewide HIE, to replace its legacy HIE system with Velatura’s cloud-based HIE platform. Also, the Wisconsin Statewide Health Information Network (WISHIN) selected Velatura to serve as the back-end technical platform for the state designated HIE.

“Healthcare providers are grappling with delayed information and data overload while simultaneously trying to keep up with increased patient demand and ensure the proper and seamless continuity of care,” said Tara Cramer, senior vice president of regional growth of Velatura HIE Corp. “The comprehensive datasets we exchange enable CareConvene to equip providers with real-time actionable insights directly into their clinical workflows, addressing potential gaps in care and pinpointing who could benefit from follow up and transitions of care support.”

Cramer previously served as the executive director of the Georgia Regional Academic Community Health Information Exchange (GRAChIE), which is now integrated with Velatura.

CareConvene said its clinician-centered design integrates real-time admission, discharge and transfer (ADT) notifications. When an ADT event occurs, providers and care teams receive SMS notifications based on specific delivery criteria. They can then filter their patient population using customized attributes to exclude irrelevant ADTs, optimizing patient outreach workflow and efficiency. The platform supports the successful completion of the CMS TRC measure, specifically the 48-hour post-discharge interaction, by employing a secure and innovative digital engagement method for patients who are unresponsive to phone calls or voicemails.

“Premier Health is constantly striving to improve health outcomes, enhance the overall care experience for patients and providers alike, and reduce the need for costly and unnecessary readmissions,” said Geoffrey Mitton, M.H.A., executive director of Premier Health Network, in a statement. “CareConvene is built for efficiency and interoperability. It eliminates dangerous and costly blind spots by allowing providers to remain actively engaged in patient care following discharge. Thanks to CareConvene, we are able to enhance coordination of care across the entire ecosystem and support the safe movement of people from the hospital back into the home.”

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