Michigan Health Connect chooses eHealth Technologies to provide medical imaging for member hospitals, physicians

Nov. 21, 2013

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – November 21, 2013 – Michigan Health Connect, Michigan’s largest provider of health information exchange (HIE), now has the ability to deliver diagnostic-quality images to its member hospitals, physicians and other healthcare professionals, in a partnership with eHealth Technologies.

The sharing of medical images, especially in full diagnostic quality, has been a particular challenge for HIEs and their participating health systems, hospitals and imaging centers. The eHealth Connect® Image Exchange platform allows Michigan Health Connect members to simply click to access, view and collaborate in real-time on X-rays, CT and MR scans, ultrasound studies and ECGs.  eHealth Connect shares more than 6 million exams and one-half billion images annually.

“Now our participating providers have the ability to access diagnostic quality medical images with a single click from the context of their everyday workflow,” said Doug Dietzman, executive director, Michigan Health Connect. “Regardless of the originating source of the images, our HIE subscribers have simple, secure access to medical images on a common zero-footprint web-based HIE-wide viewing platform – eHealthViewer ZF provided by eHealth Technologies.  In addition, this platform makes it easy for hospitals and other diagnostic centers to make their images available securely anywhere across the state without sending them to MHC or moving them from where they are stored today inside the enterprise.”

“Michigan Health Connect is among a growing community of HIEs to take advantage of this service,” said Gary Larson, executive vice president and general manager at eHealth Technologies.  “By providing caregivers with immediate access to medical images, we can facilitate faster and more effective care planning. This is especially important for follow-on care specialists who will now have ready access to the images they need without burdening patients with hand carrying imaging CDs between doctors,” Larson said.  “Radiologists and other physicians will also be able to collaborate with images on a real-time basis for complex cases and second opinions as a part of this service.”

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