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May 6, 2015
With so many possible solutions out there, what’s a healthcare IT decision-maker to do? Luckily, we have KLAS Research as an option, which released its highly anticipated annual report Jan. 29, 2015, that reflects feedback from thousands of healthcare providers about the best-performing healthcare IT vendors for more than 100 market segments. Besides its nearly 40 Best In KLAS winners, KLAS awarded more than 60 companies with the designation of KLAS Category Leader for being tops in their respective market niches. HMT highlights some of its editor’s picks from the KLAS list here, along with descriptions and some details on what makes each solution a standout. Learn more at

Category: Population Health

Phytel Population Health Management Suite

Description: Healthcare organizations seeking to improve patient engagement, disease prevention and chronic disease management are choosing Phytel’s population health management and care management platform to support the evolving clinical and financial challenges of value-based care.

What makes it a standout: Phytel’s emergence as the sole “early leader” in population health management comes as a result of “quick implementations, deep user deployment, and high provider satisfaction in all performance areas,” according to KLAS’s December 2014 report, “Population Health Performance: Emerging Market, Emerging Value.” Phytel had the highest score among all 29 vendors in the report, as well as the highest combined rate of customer utilization across all four pillars of population health identified by KLAS: data aggregation, risk stratification, care management and patient engagement.

Category: Patient Flow

TeleTracking Capacity Management Suite

Description: This comprehensive solution has everything needed for core patient flow optimization and management, including: PatientTracking Portal, PreAdmitTracking with the electronic bedboard, TransportTracking, BedTracking, real-time Patient Flow Dashboard and custom reporting capabilities. Patient capacity can be managed on the move using TeleTracking’s Capacity Management Suite on Apple mobile devices.

What makes it a standout: TeleTracking Technologies’ 8th year as KLAS Category Leader in Patient Flow demonstrates its ongoing commitment to optimizing healthcare operations and care delivery. Just as EHRs support clinical excellence, creating an integrated operational platform is vital to the development of an optimal care environment in which daily functions, enabled by enterprise visibility and analytics, become automated so that caregivers can focus on making sure the right patient is in the right place at the right time with the right resources.

Category: Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS)

Stanley Healthcare AeroScout MobileView

Description: Using MobileView’s visual and interactive maps and comprehensive searching capabilities, users can locate their assets, patients and colleagues quickly and easily; view status and condition data in real time; view inventory levels; and ensure valuable equipment stays where it is supposed to.

What makes it a standout: This solution adapts to everything from a departmental deployment to a centrally managed enterprise system covering multiple locations and solutions. Hospitals can meet numerous needs with the platform, including patient flow, asset management, environmental monitoring, patient security, staff duress and hand-hygiene compliance monitoring. RTLS data can be shared widely across the organization via integrations to EMR systems, computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), nurse call systems and many others.

Category: VNA/Image Archive

TeraMedica Evercore

Description:TeraMedica’s Evercore VNA (vendor-neutral archive) provides a cost-effective and efficient alternative to the patchwork of disparate IT systems and proprietary data storage formats that many organizations use for information storage and exchange. By neutralizing data at the archival level, this technology enables sites to leverage their existing IT applications to facilitate cross-enterprise data sharing and streamline the integration of medical images into the patient record.

What makes it a standout: TeraMedica’s patented VNA integrates and manages DICOM data in clinical and research settings across wide geographies and also possesses the ability to natively manage and distribute beyond DICOM using global standard and non-standard formats. The company began with the successful development of a cross-departmental, patient-centric clinical image archive for the Mayo Clinic in 2001.

Category: Revenue Cycle Chargemaster Management

Craneware Chargemaster Toolkit

Description: Craneware’s Chargemaster Toolkit (named by KLAS as No. 1 in the Revenue Cycle – Chargemaster Management market category for nine years running and an HFMA Peer-Reviewed solution) helps hospitals keep current, compliant charges in their system to support efficeint, correct billing.

What makes it a standout: More than a thousand hospitals and healthcare providers rely on Chargemaster Toolkit to manage charge-related workflow. This flexible, easy-to-use solution continually updates chargemaster data for ongoing charge accuracy and consistency. It includes an Online Reference Toolkit, a browser-based tool that provides instant access to the most current clinical, financial, coding and regulatory information, and an optional Supplies Assistant search module.

Category: Medical Device Integration Systems

Capsule DataCaptor (SmartLinx)

Description: Capsule recently introduced SmartLinx Medical Device Information System, a major evolution of DataCaptor. SmartLinx empowers healthcare organizations to harness the power of their medical devices’ data to enable applications for patient surveillance, alarms and alerts; tracking and device performance; and clinical decision support in both the acute and non-acute settings.

What makes it a standout: SmartLinx, healthcare’s first medical device information system, unlocks the power of medical device data through connectivity, advanced integration and analytics that turn volumes of data into actionable patient and device information to drive informed clinical and operational decisions.

Category: Medical Records Coding

Nuance Clintegrity 360 Coding

Description: Nuance joined the Coding and Quality Management Solutions market with its Clintegrity 360 | Facility Coding and Quality Management Solutions in 2011-2012, and has seen great interest and adoption in a few short years due to its unique, clinically focused approach to documentation, which improves patient care, achieves appropriate reimbursement and optimizes quality management reporting.

What makes it a standout: Clintegrity 360 | Facility Coding combines a streamlined coding process with analytical tools, edits and reference materials to provide a complete, world-class coding solution. Enterprise-wide reporting and maintenance are simplified with a single platform design that helps ensure data and coding consistency between physician and facility encounters, even when using separate billing systems.

Category: Acute Care EMR (Community)

Cerner CommunityWorks Clinical Suite

Description: The CommunityWorks Clinical Suite includes Cerner Millennium solutions designed to automate key clinical functions within acute care areas of a hospital as well as standard interfaces to enable the data exchange to/from appropriate devices, service providers and third-party applications.

What makes it a standout: Cerner CommunityWorks is committed to helping rural healthcare institutions keep up with the ever-changing healthcare climate. By leveraging expertise in information technology, process improvements and transformational leadership, this solution can help identify opportunities for collaboration that could increase value for organizations and excellence in care for patients.

Category: Release of Information


Description: MRO’s release of information solution, ROI Online, pairs leading-edge technology with top-tier services to empower healthcare organizations to improve processes around the disclosure of protected health information (PHI).

What makes it a standout: MRO’s sophisticated ROI workflows and technologies drive compliance and offer industry-leading turnaround times, improved operations and the highest levels of accuracy. Through innovation, MRO provides ROI solutions that prepare healthcare organizations for current and future initiatives including interoperability, Meaningful Use and health information exchange.

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