TeleTracking to collaborate with NAHTM, set patient transportation standards

TeleTracking Technologies recently announced a partnership with the National Association of Healthcare Transport Management (NAHTM) for an effort to identify workflow snags and map productivity standards for patient transport within a hospital.

This collaborative endeavor will begin sometime this year, and is expected to include the collection and analysis of data from 25 participating hospitals in the U.S. and Canda. Hospitals involved in the study will provide detailed records on patient transportation, from initial dispatch to completion.

The data will be used to set future patient transportation benchmarks and performance standards. An early report on the findings is due this fall.

“TeleTracking and NAHTM have had a rich history and relationship that has spanned over a decade,” says Jason Harber, Vice President of Product Management, TeleTracking. “We are honored to have been selected for the study which will allow patient transport departments to understand the factors that impact performance.”

While presently their focus is solely on patient transportation, future benchmarking studies may be conducted to measure other aspects of workflow, such as hospital admissions/discharge performance and patient referral patterns. Both TeleTracking and NAHTM may assess those findings as well, as their work together is expected to be ongoing.

“The collaborative relationship with TeleTracking is invaluable to our members and to the healthcare industry at large,” says NAHTM President Dr. Pamela Douglas-Ntagha, DNP, JD, RN, Director of Patient Resources, MD Anderson Cancer Center. “It’s the basis for a project of standards development that will allow us to continually understand, measure, and improve patient care and performance efficiency.”

Results of the first study will be made available to all NAHTM members, as well as other selected individuals and organizations. Those interested in participating or learning more are invited to contact Pamela Douglas-Ntagha at NAHTM via email at [email protected].

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