CHS Migrates Data to Google Cloud’s FHIR-Based Platform

Feb. 1, 2024
Community Health Systems says cloud and data migration effort will accelerate adoption of generative AI technologies

Community Health Systems Inc. (NYSE: CYH), one of the largest health systems in the country, announced that it has completed migration to a FHIR-based clinical data platform and is now implementing new generative AI innovations using Google Cloud technologies.

By bringing its data into one centralized, secure, FHIR-based cloud platform, CHS said, it is easier for healthcare professionals to find the information they need and understand the clinical and operational metrics of the organization. 

The cloud and data migration effort will also enable CHS to accelerate adoption of new gen AI technologies to make possible innovations such as near-real time dashboards that track key operational areas such as surgeries and emergency rooms. Since completing the migration to Google Cloud, CHS said, it has already improved data transparency across its organization and seen improvements in quality, outcomes, and operations.

"The goal of this migration extends well beyond modernizing our data infrastructure," said Miguel S. Benet, M.D., senior vice president of clinical operations at Community Health Systems, in a statement. "By building a secure foundation to take advantage of new innovations in AI, we're able to streamline our clinical providers' workflow and advance the way we deliver patient care."

With 71 affiliated hospitals across 15 states, CHS had data dispersed across numerous locations and formats. Accessing the data was cumbersome and required time-intensive searching through different sources. CHS needed a holistic view across their medical records, and turned to Google Cloud's health data platform to help aggregate its patient data in secure, standard FHIR formats that enable interoperability among its clinical systems. CHS can also now leverage BigQuery, Google Cloud's data warehouse solution, to present a complete picture of patient data and generate real-time insights such as bed capacity and other operational metrics.

With this centralized data repository, CHS is now in the process of implementing new Google Cloud gen AI technologies, including Vertex AI, and large language models to drive administrative efficiencies and improve patient outcomes. 


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