Meet Your 40 Under 40 Winner - Kseniya Hoar, Senior Client Consultant, Clinovera

Sept. 13, 2023
Congratulations to Kseniya Hoar for being named to the inaugural Healthcare Innovation 40 Under 40 awards program!

Congratulations to 40 Under 40 Winner: Kseniya Hoar, Senior Client Consultant, Clinovera

Get To Know Kseniya:

Age (as of December 31, 2023): 31

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Alma Matter: Cleveland State University

Number of Years of Experience in Healthcare: 10+

Your Favorite thing about healthcare: Being a nurse, I truly care about patients and making their lives better. My interest in health care tech stems from wanting to improve health care and make it more accessible for people. It makes my work feel rewarding and I feel truly fulfilled day-to-day doing my job. 

Why is this candidate a good fit for 40 under 40? 

Kseniya is an Experienced Consultant working on large-scale application development projects, extensive business research and analysis, and data management projects in Healthcare and Life Sciences. Combining a decade of working in healthcare with her business and technology knowledge, Kseniya is a one-of-a-kind leader that brings the best out of both worlds to transform healthcare organizations.

Explain this candidate’s professional accomplishments

Kseniya has been fantastic in every role. In her program manager role, she led an integration and implementation team with a newly acquired hospital and helped improve utilization 9% over a span of 9 months. As a nurse, she served in multiple leadership roles including charge nurse and chair of the sunshine committee. And to top it off, she was top of her class in MBA and now she is a rockstar combining all these skills in health tech consulting. It takes a lot of diverse skills and achievement to get to be the consultant that Kseniya is, and it is truly admirable.

How does the candidate show commitment to the industry and bettering their professional career?

Kseniya has taken her passion of taking care of patients and empathy and combined it with her passion of learning about technologies. She made the transition to tech in her new role as Client Consultant and has spent time learning about Agile methodologies, Atlassian tools, Generative AI and more. She loves the idea of finding creative ways to incorporate these topics into improving patient care and creating better patient access.

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